Healthy snacks to help you lose weight

To help me stick to my healthy eating plan, every weekend (I do it on Sunday afternoon) I prepare all my meals for the week and store them in the fridge.

This allows me to grab my food in the morning and take it with me to work, or have a healthy meal at home without spending time in the kitchen. This system means I never have to worry about finding healthy food to eat – it’s always available.

What about snacks between meals?

We don’t want to undo the benefit of healthy meals with constant, unhealthy snacking between meals.

When you eat processed snacks you:

  • Get no nutritional value
  • Never feel satisfied
  • Continue craving more and more unhealthy snacks

Let’s change this!

Grab-and-go healthy snacks are the perfect solution, and that’s how I found protein bars.

Protein bars come in two main types:

  • A replacement for unhealthy snacks to help you lose weight
  • For after workouts to help you recover faster from exercise

Having a protein bar between your meals will add healthy fats, vitamins, and fiber to your diet and make you feel full for a couple of hours. The result is no more cravings!

Reducing your cravings between meals will help you to lose weight.

You can buy protein bars or you can make your own protein bars.

The Best Protein Bars

There are a lot of options but I’ve published an article with the SEVEN most important features a healthy protein bar must have – “How to pick the a healthy protein bar ?”

I’ve also shared the THREE best protein bars available on the market today.

Homemade protein bars

When you’ve got the time, preparing your own protein bars is a very good option. Prepare them at the weekend and take one with you.

My favorite recipes here.

Orange, cranberry and oat protein bars
healthy german chocolate protein bars
Super-easy no-bake protein bars
Muesli protein bars
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