Fresh vs frozen strawberries

You can use fresh or frozen strawberries in your smoothies but is one better than the other? Good question! Fresh, locally produced, strawberries are an excellent option for smoothies. They are naturally sweet and nutritious. However, if strawberries aren’t in season locally, they have to be gathered, packed and transported from many miles away before reaching your supermarket.

“Fresh” strawberries that have been transported and stored often contain fewer nutrients than those produced locally as once they are picked, strawberries, like all fruit, start to degrade so imported strawberries might not be as good for you are local strawberries.

Frozen strawberries, on the other hand, are usually frozen where they are grown – the freezing process stops any degradation of nutrients. This means that frozen strawberries are often more nutritious than imported “fresh” strawberries.

If you have the choice, use locally grown strawberries as they are likely to be the most nutritious but when these are not available, maybe because they are out of season or are simply too expensive, frozen strawberries come a very close second. Using frozen strawberries also saves you having to use much ice in your smoothies.

The health benefits of strawberries 

Like all brightly-colored fruit, strawberries are packed with essential nutrients. Take a look at these strawberry nutrition factoids…

  • Packed with vitamin C, strawberries can boost your immune system so you are ill less often
  • Strawberries are high in anti-oxidants which can actually prevent serious medical conditions and even fight aging
  • Those same anti-oxidants can help prevent macular degeneration – age-related loss of eyesight
  • Strawberries are a top cancer-fighting food
  • Good for your heart, strawberries can lower “bad” cholesterol while raising “good” cholesterol levels and also help lower blood pressure
  • Strawberries reduce inflammation which means less joint pain
  • The fiber in strawberries makes you feel fuller for longer and also helps to keep your digestive system in good working order
  • That same fiber helps regulate blood glucose levels to keep your energy levels stable and prevent diabetes

Yep – strawberries are pretty darn healthy and, as they are super-tasty too, they really should be part of your diet!

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