Enjoy a Fitness Book this Summer

Fitness and nutrition are massive subjects which is why I’ve always got my nose in a book trying to learn more. These fast-moving subjects are always changing and evolving with new concepts and ideas being revealed almost weekly. If you don’t keep up, you can quickly find yourself falling behind!

I listed my current five favorite fitness books in this article but, honestly, that list can change anytime soon as I’ve just bought a whole new bunch of books to read this summer.

As well as improving my fitness and nutrition knowledge, I also find reading about health and exercise very motivational. Many of these books include stories about normal people doing extraordinary things like lose huge amounts of weight or reach amazing levels of performance. These stories never cease to help me raise my own game and make me even more enthusiastic about exercise and healthy eating.

And one of the best things I’ve noticed about reading these books is that, while many of them say similar things, they all do so in different ways. This helps me find new ways to explain things to you guys in my articles and e-books. We all learn and understand things differently so I more ways I can get my information across, the better.

Some books are, of course, better than others but that doesn’t always have anything to do with the cost. Sometimes a cheap book that I pick up almost without thinking about it turns out to have the best information. The same is true of the authors; it’s not always the famous ones that write the best books.

If, like me, you are normally too busy to read much, I suggest saving your reading for your next vacation. Pop a couple of books in your suitcase or load up your e-reader and make the most of your holiday by lounging by the pool with a good book or two. I also like to read last thing at night before I go to sleep. I find it really relaxing.

Not much of a reader? How about buying some audiobooks? Audiobooks are awesome; just sit (or lie) and listen to someone reading the book to you.

Personally, I like old-fashioned books made of paper. Why? So I can write notes in the margins and highlight sections that I find especially interesting. I also like to mark the really good parts with post-it notes for easy reference. I can often remember reading something but can’t always remember where I read it and these little tricks make finding important information much easier. I’m sure there are ways to do this with e-readers but, for me, paper works best.


I honestly think that the more you know about health, fitness, and nutrition, the healthier and fitter you will be. Why? Because the more you know, the better able you will be to make the right choices about what to eat and what workouts to do. You’ll become your own expert coach and won’t have to rely so much on other people. You’ll have sole responsibility for your progress and that’s really very empowering and liberating.

Let me know what your favorite fitness books are in the comments section below.

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