Does Inversion Therapy Really Work?

I had this same question regarding my back and neck pain.

The cause of my back pain is my job. I spend at least nine hours sat in front of my computer, and sometimes more. Some days, I drive more for more time than I walk, and I miss my workouts.

So, long hours in the same posture, no exercising, busy stressful at work, and not much sleep. The perfect recipe for back and neck pain!

All that tension, frustration and tiredness accumulates in your muscles, producing tension and stiffness, often leading to pain.

I first tried inversion therapy at my friend Paul’s house. I did five sessions there and was so surprised how much pain relief I got from only 15 minutes. I loved every session! After just these few, short sessions, my back pain was reduced, and my muscles were more relaxed and I was less stressed.

That’s why I decided to get myself an inversion table. I didn’t get the same model as my friend, I explain why here. The one I bought was slightly better, and a little more expensive. I started with two sessions per week, doing my Inversion table exercise routine for beginners.

This routine is not specifically designed for back pain, but is, instead, a full body stretch perfect for beginners who are looking to get used to the table, and experience the benefits of spine decompression. You can find this routine here.

This has reduced my back pain considerably. I became so motivated that I started to combine inversion with my stretching routine for back pain.

These are the back stretches I do first thing in the morning on my yoga mat. I highly recommend you do the same. Even if you don’t have back pain, it’s a beautiful way to start your day, feeling relaxed, supple, and energized. You can find the 5-minute routine video here.

Stretching exercises are a good way to release tension from your muscles.

Strengthening your muscles is also a good way to prevent and reduce pain (Learn more about this in my article Weak Muscles Lead to Back Pain).

I started to do a home workout routine to strengthen my lower and upper back muscles. Stretching in the morning and strengthening in the afternoon works really well. You can find my 5 Minute Core Exercise routine here.

The third element of my back-care treatment is the inversion table exercises for back stretching and spine decompression. The exercises have three different intensity levels, from Light to High, and are suitable for beginners and more experienced users too.

The inversion exercises for back pain routine is available here.

So, to answer the question, yes; inversion therapy has helped me a lot. Combined with the other two routines I mentioned earlier, this is a full treatment program for my back and neck pain.

Do you use it as a treatment?

From my experience, inversion table therapy is a very effective and natural way to get instant pain relief from back pain. Combined with other exercises, like stretching and strengthening workouts, it can be used as a treatment to relieve back and neck problems.

I used to have constant back pain. I combined my stretching routine (that you can find here), core exercises (to strengthen my back muscles), and inversion table exercises (you can find them here) to create a great way to deal with back pain.

After combining these exercises for one month, my back pain is gone, and the tension and stiffness in the muscles around my back and neck are also gone.

I do the stretching routine first thing in the morning when I wake up. I then do the workout routine and inversion table exercises in the afternoon.

These three routines combine to make the best natural way I’ve found to treat my back and neck pain.

5 Minute Stretching Routine for back pain relief check it out here

5 Minute Core Exercises to Strength your back and get pain relief, check it out here

Inversion Table Exercises for Back Pain Relief, check it out here

Why did I start?

One day I was visiting a friend at her house and she has an inversion table. I decided to give it a try. With only a couple of minutes of 15-degree inversion, I felt instant back pain relief. A few days later, I returned for another session. Every time I did it I felt even better, so I decided to get one for myself.

Currently, I do my inversion sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I try to do two short sessions on each of these days, one in the morning (on an empty stomach) and another one before dinner. I’ve created a routine of five exercises that I’ve already memorized, and I always do the same sequence of exercises.

The routine that I do is the 5 Inversion Table Exercises for Back Pain Relief.

I use this routine because, due to long hours working at my computer, my upper and lower back get quite tense, causing pain and stiffness.

You can also find other routines and exercises on my page Inversion Table Exercises.

Inversion table exercises and routines post

Inversion table exercises here

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