Why Slow Cooking ? 

You don’t need any kitchen skills to prepare healthy and delicious meals.

Surprise your family and friends with juicy, tender food and a delicious flavor with only 15 minutes of preparation time.

Prepare your meals ahead of time; place the ingredients inside, set the timer and leave it. Your slow cooker will do all the magic by itself.

3 Quick Reasons 

1. Healthy and Delicious Meals

Cooking for a long time at low temperatures makes your food amazingly tender and juicy while keeping all the vitamins and nutrients intact. I’ve several recipes, so you can give it a try, even if you don’t have a slow cooker. Continue reading and I’ll guide how.

2. No kitchen skills needed & Short preparation time

You only need to chop up the ingredients and place them inside the slow cooker, set the temperature, set the timer, and that’s it. It really is that simple!

3. Save time and Money 

Prepare meals for the whole week ahead.

Save money – Grab ‘n’ go your already prepared meals and avoid lunching out every day. And buy cheap cuts of beef or pork as these cuts work better in the slow cooker, releasing more flavor and becoming super-tender.

With less than 15 minutes of preparation time you can prepare 6 meals

My Slow Cooker Story

One day I got this gift, a slow cooker. I had no idea how to start, and, by that time, I had no idea how this simple tool would change my life. Impressive meals, very easy to prepare, I could even prepare meals ahead, just set the timer, wait, and meal is ready. Does it looks promising ? It’s really a life changer, but the only way to find it is to give it a try. Read my story and find the motivation to start, you can use your oven if you don’t have or don’t want to buy a slow cooker right now. Find my slow cooking story here.

What do you need to start?

1st – Motivation

In only 15 minutes, you can prepare 7 delicious meals for your family, friends, or for your week.

Prepare your ingredients, set the timer, and do other things while your crock-pot does its magic.

Simple but delicious recipes – preparation is easy and quick

Let’s Start!

2nd – Slow Cooker

There are many slow cookers available and I have owned and used a few. Based on my experience, I’ve published an article with “My Favorite Slow Cookers”, and at the end of the article I will help you to find the best slow cooker for you.

I have also written and shared a guide with the most important features a slow cooker must have, and what you need to look for when choosing the best slow cooker for you.

3rd – Prepare a delicious meal

In my article “Slow Cooking – Quick Start” I’ve included a quick and easy slow cooker recipe which is perfect for any of you who are new to slow cooking. Try it – I know you’ll love it!

Or, if you prefer, you can check my other easy slow cookers recipes and get inspired.

Slow Cooking – Quick Start

Let’s give it a try! Here is your first slow cooking recipe! If you don’t have a slow cooker you can use your oven and I’ll tell you how. Click here and start your slow cooking experience.

Slow cooking - quick start post cover

Click here to Start

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