What is the Paleo Diet ?

It is easy to understand what fits into the Paleo Diet category because the diet itself is extremely simple.  It consists of a specific type of food: the kind that our ancestors would have eaten.  This includes items such as fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, seeds, and nuts.  It excludes certain modern items like milk, cheese, and processed foods.  Basically, if a caveman could not have hunted for or gathered it, then it is not a part of the Paleo Diet and you shouldn’t eat it.

The Paleo Diet is still quite ideal for people who have allergies to certain foods.  Despite its obvious limitations, the diet plan offers an array of healthy choices for modern eaters.  It does not require you to hunt your own food or cook over an open fire.  “Paleo” refers to a time when eating was much simpler, when food things weren’t as artificial, and when people were a lot healthier because of it.

Benefits of the Paleo Diet 

For the last few years, medical and nutritional experts have been researching the exact health benefits of the Paleo Diet.  It turns out that there are plenty to mention.  According to recent studies, the diet can foster greater weight loss in those struggling with excess body fat.  In addition, it has been shown to actually prevent certain types of cancer and disease.  Overall, the Paleo Diet improves an eater’s health by limiting their exposure to potentially harmful things such as additives, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, unhealthy chemicals, and even some GMOs.

While there is little to no official research on the long-term effects of following the Paleo Diet, the immediately positive effects can be easily seen.  Since it is obvious that a reduction in refined sugars and bad fats can have a drastic effect on a person’s health, the Paleo Diet is often considered the best choice for those suffering from health issues that stem from poor eating habits.  Because of its effectiveness, the Paleo Diet has become a popular choice among dieters and fitness enthusiasts from around the world.

Why is the Paleo Diet so Famous? 

There is some speculation surrounding why the Paleo Diet has gained such momentum in today’s society.  However, when you look at how many issues the modern eater faces in order to stay healthy, it is no wonder why the Paleo Diet has come so famous.  Despite the hype, be sure to speak to your doctor before making any drastic or long-term changes to your eating habits, as it may cause issues you were not anticipating.

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