Turtle Paleo Bonbons

If you want to enjoy a sweet dessert which is also Paleo Diet-friendly, you’ve definitely come to the right place. This exciting dessert will be wonderful after meals and it will also make a great Paleo diet snack. Our Turtle-style bonbons are made with dates, pecans and dark chocolate chips, so they’ll satisfy your sweet tooth, while still offering some welcome nutrition. In addition, they don’t require many ingredients, so your Paleo diet shopping list won’t be too long or involved.

The Paleo lifestyle is all about eating natural foods, except grains, and getting lots of exercise. It’s also known as the caveman diet and it’s heavy on plant-based ingredients, as well as meat and fish. This dessert is made from fruit, so it’s one of our healthy diet recipes.

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Ingredient List for These Bonbons

First, you’ll need to buy four dates, which must be halved and pitted. Medjool dates will work very well for this recipe and we do recommend that you choose them if you can find them (most grocery stores will have them in stock). Next, you’ll need eight pecan halves. These nuts should be of the raw variety. As well, you’ll need one-third of a cup of dark chocolate chips, as well as half a teaspoon of coconut oil. Lastly, you need natural sea salt.

How to Make the Candies

To begin, you’ll need to melt the chocolate chips and oil in a double boiler. Do this on the stove and then set the pot aside. Next, push one nut half into every date half, and then top the date with a teaspoon of dark chocolate (this is the melted mixture in the double boiler). Add a little sea salt to balance the sweetness out and then freeze the candies for ten minutes. The chocolate should be firm before you eat them.

As you can see, these bon bons are a total breeze to make and they will definitely be crowd-pleasers, although they are so good, you may want to keep them all to yourself.

Once you’ve tried them out, you’ll find that memorizing the recipe is simple to do. However, we recommend that you bookmark our website, just to make sure you don’t lose this delicious and Paleo-friendly recipe. It’s a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth, without short-circuiting your Paleo lifestyle and weight loss goals.

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