Top 5 Things you Should Know Before Starting Yoga

1. You are perfect as you are

While every teacher will usually teach each session that is suitable for all Yogis and Yoginis, the one and only true teacher is you. You are the only one who can listen to your body and its needs. You are also the only one who can feel the difference between what is a challenge and overdoing it.

Always go for the challenge but I also accept it if your body tells you that something is too much. Yoga is very much about being true to yourself so use your practice to identify your real needs but don’t get cheated by your inner temptation to take it easy!

2. In case of doubt: keep breathing and choose child’s pose

Being a beginner is a great thing as you have decided to give Yoga a try. Begin your journey with curiosity and explore and enjoy every single step of this new thing which may become part of your life.

Don’t be overambitious, only go as far as you can, and whenever you need a rest come to child’s pose which is always a good and a smart choice instead of cheating in pose.

There will be some movements like lots of downward facing dogs and plank poses you are maybe not used to do that may make your wrists ache or your muscles shake. No worries – this will change in time.

Remember that every day is different so don’t get mad when you have days where balance poses seem impossible or the you feel like you have no power at all.

That’s when child’s pose is so very useful. If you feel you can’t keep up with the practice, just revert to child’s and breathe; never forget to breath!

3. Being scared of being upside down is normal

Most of us spend all out time right way up with our heads uppermost. However, in Yoga, some poses involve standing on your head! Inversions are asanas or postures where we are upside down and mean we switch from normal to not so normal.

This brings takes us out of our well-known comfort zone and so we may be tempted to avoid it. However, inversions are very beneficial both mentally and physically and so I recommend that you slowly work your way towards inversions. Face your fear, breathe yourself through, and learn why it’s worth doing – but at your own pace of course!

4. To om or not to om – that is the question! 

Depending on the studio, Yoga style, and your teacher, there might be some spiritual parts like chanting a mantra at the beginning or at the end of class or some philosophical recitations or statements. If you don’t feel comfortable with this, you don’t have to join in with singing or chanting.

Take the time to simply relax and breathe and try to be openminded about these things. If you’re interested in joining in, do your best to keep up with the class, but don’t get mad when you get the words of the mantra wrong. Remember, everyone started as a beginner!

5. And finally, Caution! You are very likely to fall in love with yoga! 

Once you try yoga, I’m confident that you will quickly learn to love it. You’ll love the practices themselves, and then you’ll love how you feel as Yoga becomes a bigger and bigger part of your life. You’ll feel good, look good, and fall head over heels in love with all things Yoga. At first, things may feel difficult, unnatural, or even strange and scary but, with a little time and patience, you’ll soon learn that Yoga is exactly what your body and mind need to feel their very best!

Start your Yoga Experience

Give it a try, do your first yoga practise with our yoga guide for beginners. It’s 100% Free and designed for all of you. Start here.

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Yoga Guide for Beginners here

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