The Importance of Having Breakfast

By now you have probably heard about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Breakfast literally means “to break a fast,” which is essentially what you do when you go to sleep.  Regardless of whether you are trying to getting into better shape or not, starting your morning with a wholesome breakfast can be highly beneficial to your brain and body.  In fact, there are quite a few good reasons why you should start rethinking the way you approach your morning routine, especially when you are committed to a workout program or a structured weight loss diet. Breakfast 21 day fix approved recipes published here.

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  1. Breakfast Gives You Energy 

Think of your body the way you would a vehicle.  It needs fuel to move and so do you.  In order for you to make the most of your weight loss and fitness endeavors, you have to optimize your bodily functions.  Breakfast provides the energy you need to complete your workout routine and make it through the rest of your day.  Without a healthy and wholesome breakfast, you could experience an energy crash that will leave you unable to do much of anything.

  1. Breakfast Ignites Your Metabolism 

Waking up and then giving your body something to run on is good for more than just energy.  Breakfast actually promotes optimal metabolic function which could lead to more successful weight loss, a leaner body, and a healthier digestive system. A healthy morning meal helps to sharpen your mind and body, allowing you to conquer the day no matter what happens. With a wholesome breakfast routine, your metabolism will kick into overtime and thus provide a boost that can result in significant weight loss.

  1. Breakfast Lowers Cholesterol Levels 

Recent studies have found that breakfast and cholesterol levels are actually connected to one another in an interesting way.  Interestingly, those who regularly eat breakfast in the morning are typically blessed with lower cholesterol levels than their breakfast-skipping counterparts. It should be noted that breakfast can increase blood lipids and lower the risk of heart disease as well.  Simply put, a breakfast that lowers cholesterol ultimately means more success in the gym and better results from weight loss and diet programs such as the 21 Day Fix, complete guide here.

  1. Breakfast Optimizes Your Workout

Aside from giving you loads of energy while revving up your metabolism and lowering your cholesterol levels, breakfast can also promote better body function overall.  A healthy and wholesome morning meal can help you to perform at your best. Breakfast aids with the maintenance and improvement of basic cognitive skills such as concentration, memory, and problem-solving.  In addition, it streamlines hand-eye coordination which is good news for folks who are committed to a weight loss or fitness regimen.

  1. Breakfast Eliminates Mid-Day Hunger 

Your diet and weight loss plan may claim to work wonders for its followers, but it won’t do you any good when you are constantly snacking to fill a void in your diet.  A good breakfast can make that virtually unnecessary and lead you to making better food choices throughout the day.  Include a healthy and protein-packed meal into your morning routine and you will most likely feel full until lunchtime.  Follow a great breakfast with a wholesome lunch and that weight loss routine will be a lot more successful.  In fact, this habit can prevent you from overeating during the day and from gaining weight as a result.

  1. Breakfast Improves Your Mood 

It is a fact that physical wellness is directly connected to a positive state of mind.  Breakfast can provide a mood boost which might eventually translate into a more productive and satisfying day.  Since depression and anxiety are closely linked to weight gain and other serious health issues, breakfast is especially important for those who struggle to stay positive while facing physical challenges.  Morning meals that are both delicious and satiating can put you on the right track for the day, making it much easier to stick with strict weight loss and fitness programs.

Be sure to speak with a doctor or a certified nutritionist before making unfamiliar changes to your diet.  Be mindful of any allergies you might have as well.  Remember, your workout and weight loss routine is designed to challenge you, but it can get a whole lot easier when you reach for a healthy breakfast in the morning.

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