Sugar Free Snacks Recipes

Take it from one who knows; hunger can really make sticking to a healthy diet difficult. Once hunger strikes, your brain goes into hunter/gatherer mode and can cause you to seek out and chow down on the nearest convenient source of calories. Inevitably, this won’t be anything that’s good for you and will very likely be one of those foods linked directly to spiking your insulin – donuts and candy for example. As you know by now, eating lots of sugar does nothing good for your health and will cause you to gain weight fast. Not only that, sugar doesn’t fill you up and can even make you hungrier – so much for that satisfying snack!

Avoid derailing your weight loss efforts by making sure you have access to a better class of snacks and treats. In addition to sugar-free foods such as celery, beef jerky, and raw nuts, which are ideal for snacking on, here are some of my favorite savory snacks and sweet treats that will make you feel like you are cheating on your diet when you are actually doing the opposite!

Turkey & Avocado Toasts
Turkey and avocado toasts

High on protein and healthy fats this toasts are easy to prepare and a perfect office snack. Complete recipe here.


20 No Sugar Days Challenge

20 no sugar days challenge by days to fitnessNote: I’ve experience such a tremendous impact on my life by simple reducing sugar, that I’ve created a challenge for all my readers. 20 No-Sugar Days Challenge. 100% Free, weight loss results guaranteed. Join me here.


The Best spicy nut and seed mix

sugar free spicy seed and nut mix


Nuts and seeds are perfect for prepare at home, Ziploc bag and take it with you. Providing protein and nutrients and without all the added sugar. Recipe here.


No-bake energy booster balls

No-bake energy booster balls


High on natural sugars, this is a perfect snack for after workout. Enjoy a energy booster without any added or chemical sugar. Find the recipe here.


Turkey and cheese roll-ups

sugar free Turkey-and-cheese-roll-upsJust with a couple of minutes prepare this easy snack and take it with you. Roll-ups between your meals. Recipe is all here.



Zucchini pizza bites
no sugar Zucchini pizza bites

Do your own pizza, a healthy pizza. Quick to prepare, slice it, and enjoy a tasty snack between your main meals. Try this new pizza idea, complete recipe here.

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