Salmon Salad with Veggies

Canned salmon is used in this Paleo-friendly recipe, so this dish is really very affordable. In addition, it tastes great and it has lots of nutrition! Wild salmon in a can is recommended for this supper salad – however, feel free to use whatever type of canned salmon you prefer.

Those who embrace Paleo diet weight loss recipes will benefit from trying this one, as it’s very healthy and filling, without being fattening. Salmon has good fats, rather than bad – just enjoy moderate portions in order to maximize its benefits. In terms of low carb recipes, this one really delivers on taste, as it features lemony tang, rich and creamy avocado and delightful dill.

While you’ll need to make a Paleo diet grocery list and choose eight ingredients in order to make this recipe, none of these ingredients should cost too much money and some of them may already be in your home kitchen.

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Ingredients You’ll Need to Buy

Purchase a couple of cans of wild salmon or another type of canned salmon. You’ll also need to buy an onion, a tomato, an avocado and a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil (five to six tablespoons will be needed). In addition, you should buy a couple of lemons as well as some fresh dill (this should be chopped – you’ll need about two tablespoons). Grab some lettuce in order to make an attractive and nutritious “bed” for this yummy supper salad.

To make the salad, drain liquid from your cans of salmon and then put the fish in a bowl. Mash it up well with a fork. Next, add lemon juice and oil and stir the mixture until everything is well-combined. After this, add cukes, onions, tomatoes and avocadoes – combine these ingredients. Lastly, add dill and then sprinkle with pepper and salt. Arrange the finished salad over lettuce.

As you can see, this is pretty straightforward in terms of preparation. It’s not much different than making a basic tuna salad or something of that nature. Since it is Paleo-friendly, light and fresh, it’s a great supper idea that is perfect for a night alone or for sharing with a partner or friend. If you want to serve a group, double or triple the recipe.

Our recipes will give you the ability to stick to your Paleo diet. They are designed to provide plenty of benefits without being overly complicated. So, why not try this recipe today?

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