Reduce Cravings Between Meals and Lose Weight

Nutrition is the key for a better life. Eating healthy makes us feeling better.

Enjoying healthy meals and avoiding processed food is a simple and, yet, the most important step to lose weight.

Cravings between meals ?

We all feel hungry between meals; it’s normal and that’s why we have snacks.

But there are good and bad snacks. I know it’s very easy to grab some candy when hunger strikes but doing this will not help you lose weight.

Bad Snacks: Processed food (donuts, cereals, packaged chips) might taste good but don’t provide you with any nutrition and, even worse, never satisfy your hunger for long so you end up constantly snacking between meals.

Good snacks provide nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fiber which will make you feel full for a couple of hours. No more constant craving.

Reducing your cravings between meals will help you to lose weight.

Grab-and-Go Good Snacks

During the week, grab-n-go snacks are the perfect solution to take to work or school, or have at home, because, whatever you are doing, you probably don’t have time to prepare a nice healthy snack.

I’ve found protein bars are a perfect grab-n-go healthy snack. After eating a protein bar, my cravings quickly go away and I can then relax until it’s time to eat my next healthy meal. Snacking on protein bars makes it so much easier for me to stick to my healthy eating plan!

Why Protein Bars ? 

Originally, protein bars were designed for athletes to provide extra protein and carbs after workout. These were often high in calories too.

Today there are lower calories protein bars designed to specifically as a healthy snack to help you to lose weight.

How Protein Bars can help me to lose weight ?

Healthy bars contain vitamins, healthy fats and fiber which make you feel full for a couple of hours. This makes you feel satisfied so no more cravings between meals.

No cravings means fewer unhealthy snacks less bad calories!

How to start with protein bars ?

You can buy protein bars or you can make your own protein bars.

How to find the best protein bar for me ?

There are a lot of options on the market so I’ve set SEVEN important features a healthy protein bar must have as well as selecting the best protein bars for weight loss.

See my selection of the best healthy protein bars here.

Homemade protein bars

When you have time, preparing your own protein bars is a very good idea. I’ve shared my favorite recipes for homemade protein bars here.

If you’re looking for more information about protein bars, you can check this page where are you’ll find all my protein bar articles.

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