Paleo Pancakes with Nuts and Bananas

Whether you’re interested in trying out a Paleo diet for the first time or you’re already living the Paleo way, you’ll appreciate this fast and simple Paleo breakfast recipe. It’s a delicious, easy and totally Paleo-friendly way to enjoy pancakes at breakfast…or at any other times that cravings strike! To make these pancakes, you’ll need only 4 ingredients, plus your preferred topping.

Even without toppings, these pancakes really deliver in terms of taste and they are also very nutritious.

Before we get to the recipe, let’s review the key reasons why people embrace the Paleo diet…

Why Follow a Paleo Diet?

Paleo recipes are typically very filling, so those who enjoy them may consume less food and still feel satiated. This enhanced satiety may assist with weight loss. In addition, the Paleo diet is considered to be a healthy choice, due to its reliance on plant, animal, nut and seed ingredients. The Paleo diet also focuses on combining the right foods with weightlifting and lots of movement in general.

Now, let’s talk about how to make these delicious pancakes…

Yummy Paleo Pancakes

This recipe is really simple, so you’ll have it memorized in no time flat. First, gather your ingredients, which are a couple of bananas, a couple of tbsp. of chunk-style almond butter and four eggs. Some people add a few dark chocolate chips, too, but this isn’t mandatory.

Next, mash the fruit in a big bowl and then add the nut butter and the eggs. After this, mix everything up and scoop one-fourth of the batter onto a heated pan. Medium heat is just right for this recipe. Once you’ve done this, cook the pancake for one to two minutes and then serve. If you want to, add chocolate chips to your cooked pancake for a bit more sweetness.

As you can see, this recipe is a total breeze to make and it will offer you access to a truly filling breakfast which is also great for your body.

Learning how to make an array of Paleo breakfast recipes and other Paleo recipes will help you to stay on track with the Paleo lifestyle. If you’ve been losing weight via this diet system, you probably want to keep going with things. In addition, you may feel much healthier when you go Paleo.

Hopefully, our quick recipe will give you a bit of inspiration in the kitchen.

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