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The answers to common questions like “Why alcohol makes you fat?” or “Why sugar makes you fat?” are easily found in the internet, but too often contain mistakes or – even worse – are written by someone trying to sell you their latest weight loss product.

For this series I’ve invited Emilio , how I met Emilio. With his 15 years of scientific and teaching experience, he’ll answer these and other questions using a plain language so we can all understand how our body reacts to the food we eat.

All the questions will be answered using science. I’ll pick common questions so Emilio can answer them with scientific facts.

Learning how our body processes food will help us to better understand how our organism works and how our food choices affect it.  A better understanding of who we are will in turn help us to better know what we need.

Sugar is bad for you, we all know that, but cutting down on sugar is a hard sacrifice. When we know why sugar is bad for us, we stop doing a sacrifice and we start doing a change, we say no to sugar because we know why it’s unhealthy. It’s an informed choice based on what we have learned.

Learning about nutrition is an important education step to a better and healthier life as food is the source of energy of our body.

If you’ve have any question that you’d like to be answered, let me know on the comments section. Thanks

Nutrition Science the truth about slow metabolism

Our bodies need a constant supply of energy. Some people believe that they gain weight because their cells are lazy and don’t break enough nutrients, letting the excess accumulate. They claim to have a “slow metabolism”. But does it really exist? And if so, can it be accelerated?


  1. Elizabeth Laverty on


    My name is Elizabeth and I am struggling to lose weight. I am currently sitting at 11 stone 6 and I am 5ft 1 inches. I do have a 6 year old son who is very ill and is always in and out of hospital so you end up eating on demand when you can.

    I do take medication for my head as well which retains fluid and I do drink a lot of water and do try to exercise however I am struggling. I am hopefully getting married next year to my lovely fiancé who has taken my two children on as his own so I want to look my best. Please help

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      Thanks for your comment. I would love to help with a perfect plan for your goals, but , unfortunately, I can’t and honestly I shouldn’t. I recommend you to check with your doctor as she/he, know you better and can help you with the right steps. Please, don’t lose your motivation keep on trying and I’m sure you’ll find your way! All the best and have a great day.

  2. I have been on the 21 day fix since may and lost 43pounds which I am very happy about. I want to loose Moore but the scales at a stand still. People tell me I look smaller but I really can’t see that with my eyes. I have even joined a gym at least 3 times a week. Am I doing something wrong

  3. Hello i am 55 I have been struggling with weight loss for almost all my life and have tried every diet and I mean every diet . I can’t exercise a lot due to my medical conditions. I enjoy the advocare spark drink but wondering the nutritional value or if there are any carbs or fat in it. Also my friend talked me into trying this ketogenic diet. I thought it can’t hurt and I know people who finally lost weight on this . Please tell me your thoughts on this diet and the nutritional value of spark advocare drink thanks

    • Hi Diane,

      Thanks for your comment. I have never tried advocare spark drink so I can’t give my opinion. I first would recommend you to avoid added sugar, this will help you to lose weight, get more energy and focus. Check my 20 no sugar days challenge, it’s 100% free and very straight to follow. Ketogenic diet is a very powerful way to burn fat, but it’s necessary a low of diet discipline and a very low carb diet. But yes it’s a very effective way to burn fat. I would recommend you to start with avoiding sugar and from there you’ll get the motivation and the discipline tools to start a diet such as the ketogenic. I’m not a physician, this is merely my opinion. Have a great day.

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