My 3 Most Effective Habits to Boost your Well-Beings in 2018

Welcome to 2018

A New Year has just started, and that sounds like a good time for a fresh, new beginning.

8 years ago, losing weight was my trigger to adding new, healthy, habits to my daily routine.

Today, I can honestly say that I feel younger, have more energy, and am in better shape than I was 8 years ago.

This is by far my greatest motivation to keep on learning, experimenting, and finding new ways to improve my wellbeing.

Today, I’m writing to share 3 of the most effective habits that have significantly improved my quality of life.

Home Cooking

Many different studies have shown that the quality of what we eat is directly reflected in our mood, energy, and weight.

One hour after eating a lot of candy, you will feel sleepy, tired, and sad, and that candy can lead to weight gain.

Food has a tremendous impact on our happiness and wellbeing.

Fast food and junk food may give us a few moments of instant pleasure, but in the long-term will make us feel tired, depressed, and overweight.

Following healthy recipes and preparing your own food is the best way to enjoy a healthy meal that only costs a few bucks.

Food in restaurants may have stronger flavors, and it may even taste better, but that’s because they always add a few extra ingredients combined with sugar, salt, and fat.

Once in a while, I enjoy a nice dinner in a restaurant, but not every day. It’s an occasional treat rather than a regular occurrence.

Home cooking is a healthy and very enjoyable habit. Taking the time to gather the ingredients and then cooking them is like meditation to me. In the end, you have a delicious meal, full of love and flavors to enjoy on your own or to share with your friends and family.

I’ve published more than 200 recipes. Check them out, get inspired, and enjoy the pleasure of preparing your own food.

5 Minute Morning Gratitude

Our emotions are constantly on a roller coaster. Expectations can easily lead to frustrations, and you might even start some days feeling sad and meaningless.

We only feel happy if our mind is smiling.

I invite you to start doing this today; for five minutes, think about the things you feel thankful for in your life.

If you prefer you can write it down, but I prefer to do this while I’m in the shower right after I wake up, or when I’m out walking.

The most important things in my life that I’m grateful here.

Exercise Routine

Pick a moment in your day, I prefer mornings before I shower, and do some light exercises or stretching. If it’s your first time, go slow and build up gradually.

Morning stretches are a wonderful way to warm up your muscles for the day ahead.

Doing this while I’m sleepy allows me to slowly prepare my mind and body for the other things I have to do afterward.

Exercise is such a great way to wake up and energize your body that you’ll forget all about your morning coffee.

Investing the first few minutes of your day in yourself is very rewarding and beneficial. Enjoy this quiet time and feel it doing you good.

You can find stretching video routines here.

And you can also find exercise video routines here.

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