Miso-infused cream cheese with vegetables – 2 Ingredients

Miso is fermented soya beans and rice. It’s an Asian delicacy, that is also very healthy. It’s loaded with probiotics (what are probiotics and how it helped me, explained here) which are good for your gut and digestive health. This might not be your usual Thanksgiving starter, but when combined with cream cheese, it makes a wonderful dip for vegetable crudités. And, best of all, you can make it up to four days in advance, freeing up your precious time on Thanksgiving Day.

I like to try new and interesting foods. In many cases, I get my food ideas during traveling. When I go abroad, I’m always on the lookout for new foods to take home with me. Some of them, it turns out, are available locally too.

One such food is miso. Made from fermented soya beans, miso is a cornerstone of Asian cooking and is often combined with meat, vegetables, or fish to create wonderful tasting soups and other meals. You can buy it in all Asian supermarkets, and many regular stores now stock it too.

Miso is high in probiotics, which are good for your digestive and immune systems. It also has a unique flavor that you’ll love.

This recipe combines miso with cream cheese to create a lovely spread you can use on vegetable crudités or even on bread or crackers. And, best of all, you can make it up to four days in advance, saving you lots of time on Thanksgiving Day.

Preparation time – 15 minutes

Cooking time – N/A

Number of servings – 8


  • 8-ounces cream cheese, chilled
  • 1 cup white miso
  • Assorted crudités to serve


  1. Wrap the cream cheese in a cheesecloth, and gently squeeze out any excess water
  2. Spread ½ the white miso on a sheet of 12×12 inch baking parchment
  3. Spread the cream cheese on top
  4. Top with the remaining miso
  5. Wrap in Clingfilm and refrigerate for 3-4 days
  6. Unwrap, whip into a paste, and then serve with your chosen vegetable crudités

Recipe source and picture credits – foodandwine.com

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