Learning the Nutrition Basics Can Help you Lose Weight

Have you ever heard the expression “you are what you eat”? It’s not really known who first said these words but they were really onto something when they did!

You see, everything you eat ultimately becomes part of you. If you eat unhealthy food, you will become unhealthy, and if you eat healthy food, you’ll be healthy too.

The trouble is that many people do not actually know very much about what they should and shouldn’t eat and understand very little about nutrition.

Nutrition is the study of the food you eat and how it effects your body, check my nutrition guide “Nutrition Facts – A Practical Guide About Nutrition”. Food can have a positive effect on you or a negative effect but if you don’t know the difference, it’s very hard to make healthy decisions about the food you eat.

For example, up until recently, I had no idea that

  1. Sugar was really bad for you
  2. How much sugar I was actually eating

I did a lot of reading and research and discovered that my weight gain and fluctuating energy levels plus my constant snacking and cravings were all down to just one thing – too much sugar.

No one TOLD me this – I had to figure it out for myself.

In a similar vein, lots of people know fat is unhealthy but did you know that there are lots of different types of fat and some are actually so healthy they are called essential!

Knowing the basics of nutrition means you will be much better at making good food decisions and you are less likely to fall for unscrupulous food marketing that tells you that some foods are healthy when they aren’t.

Take breakfast cereal for example; low in fat, fortified with vitamins and minerals, the perfect way to start your day. BUT, almost all breakfast cereals are loaded with sugar and salt and the only reason they have to be fortified with vitamins and minerals is because they contain none in the first place. Breakfast cereals are the perfect example of unhealthy food sold as healthy.

Learning the basics if nutrition means you won’t fall for these marketing tricks and will be able to choose the best foods for your health and your weight.

Useful things to know include:

  • How much food do you really need to eat?
  • Different types of carbs and if you should follow a low carb diet
  • The importance of vitamins, minerals, and fibre
  • The danger of refined and added sugars
  • The danger of artificial additives
  • Different types of fat and which ones are unhealthy
  • The importance of water
  • How to cook healthy but really tasty meals…

Armed with this information, you should have no problem losing weight, keeping it off, and staying healthy; you’ll never need to follow a diet again!


Food and nutrition are such important subjects that I don’t understand why they are not taught in schools. Teaching kids about nutrition would mean that they grow into adults who know about nutrition. Take some time to learn the basics about nutrition so that you can start making healthy choices about the food you eat. As soon as you cut out the bad foods and eat more good foods, you’ll find that you lose weight easily and, best of all, keep it off.

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