Learn How You Can Eat Healthy on a Budget

The cost of food now days, especially fresh food like carrots, broccoli, chicken, fish, and other healthy foods, can be excessively expensive. However not many people take into consideration how they can prepare quick healthy meals on a budget that not only possess all the necessary nutrients, but are also so much better than the processed variety. Staying on budget is the first goal when shopping for yourself and your family when dealing with a small fixed income, and ensuring that each meal you put on the table tastes great and looks amazing will generally come in second. It may seem tough, but here is how you eat healthy and stay on budget with ease.

Shopping on Budget

This can be the hardest part of eating healthy as the processed foods that you see in your local grocery store are generally less expensive than purchasing fresh foods. The habit that everyone has when shopping for groceries for the week is to grab up the easy processed foods rather than taking the time to actually compare prices for fresh ones because it is time consuming. However if you take the time to peruse the fresh fruits and vegetables or meat and deli counter at your grocery store, you will find that while it can be a little more expensive than the processed variety, you can make your ingredients go so much farther.

Tips on Eating Healthy and Shopping Healthy

If you decide that you want to eat healthy and stay on budget, but you find yourself rushing to the processed food rather than taking the time to look at fresh ingredients, here are a few tips you can follow to ensure you can eat healthy during the week. First, make your first stop when shopping for groceries your local farmers market. Not only can you save money on your fruits and vegetables, but many of the people selling their produce grow their fruits and vegetables with little to no pesticides. This can help you avoid the overly processed foods and enjoy fresh healthy foods while supporting small local businesses.

Ways to Eat Healthy

There are many ways to eat healthy as well as recipes that are healthier for you. Here are a few eating healthy tips that you can enjoy while cooking up your meals. One eating tip is to use real butter or olive oil rather than margarine or vegetable oil. The fats found in vegetable oil and products containing an excess of vegetable oil do not digest as natural olive oil or butter do. Not only will you enjoy more amazing flavors when cooking with olive oil and butter, but you will actually consume healthier oils and fats that will be ten times better for you. Another fun tip is to use fresh produce when you cook as fresh, never frozen produce possesses more nutrients and are easier to cook with than those that are frozen. You should also consider eating one fruit, one vegetable, and one protein with every meal as well as enjoying fruit and vegetable snacks over chips.

Cooking Simple

Cooking simple is the quickest and easiest way to eat healthy as well as save time during the week. There is no reason to cook a 5 course meal each and every night to eat healthy. Simply melt some butter in a pan, season some chicken and sauté until done, then either sauté or boil veggies (what every way you prefer), and set aside some fresh cut fruit and homemade whipped cream. Not only is this healthy to eat, but it will only take about 20 to 30 minutes to make during the week.

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