Immersion Blender Recipes

My immersion blender, also known as a stick blender, is an old kitchen friend. When I need to blend something but the quantities are small or I’m in a hurry, it’s easy to use and very easy to clean – just rinse it under a tap. You can also use immersion blenders in a variety of containers – saucepans, large cups, and bowls for example. 

The blender I use and all my recommendations. If you are looking for an upgrade or a brand new blender check my post My Favorite and Best Immersion Blenders.

I use my immersion blender a lot – especially when I’m making sauces or other things that are easily mixed in a bowl or cup. I also use it to make soup as it’s often easier to blend cooked soup ingredients in the saucepan than pour them into my regular blender. 

Basic and easy to use, an immersion blender is a cheap alternative to both regular blenders and food processors but it’s not as versatile. However, in terms of convenience, ease of use and price, an immersion blender is hard to beat. They’re also small and compact which makes them ideal for traveling or small kitchens where storage space is limited. 

Here are my three favorite immersion blender recipes…

Immersion Blender Recipes

Immersion Blender Recipes guacamole recipe


Guacamole contains healthy fats and will make you feel full for a long period of time. Use your blender prepare this delicious guacamole.

More Blender Recipes

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Chicken Korma

The so good chicken korma and so easy to do with your food processor. Prepare a lovely meal for your loved friends and family.

Food Processor Ratatouille


I love vegetables. I eat them at almost every meal. They’re filling, healthy, and very…

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Most of us have a immersion blender on our kitchen but we never use it. Easy recipes to make delicious healthy recipes as an alternative to buying processed food.