How Using a Food Processor Makes Healthy Eating Easier

Eating healthily and losing weight can be hard, and preparing and cooking healthy food can be time-consuming. If you have to balance work and family life with shopping for, prepping, and cooking healthy food, you can go crazy chasing your tail and getting nowhere fast!

But, if you are serious about putting the best, most nutritious, least fattening food into your meals, you are going to have to spend time in the kitchen.

The only effective way to lose weight and eat healthily is to take complete control over what you eat. Not just regarding portion sizes but the actual food you chow down on. I struggled with the concept for years and, subsequently, had a hard time losing weight.

Because of work, I often found myself grabbing a bran muffin for breakfast, a takeout sandwich for lunch, and then eating a processed ready meal for dinner. None of these foods are especially fattening, but I had no real idea how much and what I was eating. It turns out I was, without realizing it, eating a ton of unhealthy fat, sugar, and salt and very few essential nutrients.

As a result, I not only gained weight when I was trying to lose it, I also felt unwell a lot of the time, and had very little energy. Exercise? Forget about it!

As soon as I realized it was my food choices that were holding me back, I made a New Year’s Resolution to eat much more home prepared food. That way, I could take control over exactly what I put into my body and would stop eating too much or the wrong things. If I could prepare and eat 90% of my food at home, I figured I’d have a lot better chance of losing weight and feeling great.

Lack of time was still a problem, so I started investigating ways of being more efficient in the kitchen. I found that, if I committed to a couple of hours of cooking each Sunday afternoon, I could make batches of healthy meals that I could then eat throughout the week. This took the pressure off in the evenings after work.

I also whipped up batches of homemade protein bars for snacks and replaced my breakfast with a delicious, nutritious, low-calorie weight loss smoothie.

my Hamilton Beach 10-Cup

My Hamilton Food Processor – Why this model ? My review here

Of all the gadgets and tools that I bought to make cooking healthy food quicker and easier, one of the best purchases I made was my food processor. Food processors are like big mixing bowls to which you can attach a variety of mechanized blades to speedily prepare your food.

You can use a food processor to chop, slice, puree, grind, liquidize, juice, and some even peel your veggies. With the right attachment, you can use a food processor to make bread dough, light and healthy pancake batter, and even for making smoothies. You can process almost anything including vegetables, fruit, meat, nuts and I also use mine to grind coffee beans.

And, best of all, food processors do the jobs you hate in just a few seconds. They have powerful motors and, at a flick of a switch, can chop a whole lot of vegetables in an instant. This saves you a ton of time and makes healthy cooking and eating so much easier.

There are lots of different food processors available. Some are big and complex, and others are small and straightforward, but they all make food prep much faster. To help you choose the right food processor for you, I wrote a series of food processor reviews in which I talk about the model I use and discuss the motor size, the functions, the size of the bowl, the cost, and the reliability of several popular models, “My Favorite and Best Food Processors

You can use your food processor to make many kitchen jobs easier, and I have found several recipes that are especially good when made with a food processor. I have collected those recipes here, on the food processor recipe page.

If you want to lose weight and eat healthily, you must take control of what and how much you eat. Diets don’t work if you just go back to eating the same foods that made you gain weight in the first place. Instead, you need to choose to eat healthy food most, if not all the time; that’s how you lose weight and then keep it off.

Finding the time and the energy to cook healthy food is not easy – I know and understand that. But, using a food processor, those time-consuming cooking chores take seconds and not hours.

If you don’t have a food processor, I recommend you buy one (check my favourite and my recommendations here), and if you have one already, it’s time you dusted it off and started using it again. Think of your food processor as your very own kitchen assistant whose only job is to make your life easier!

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