How to Find a Good Superfood Powder ?

Superfood powders make adding superfoods to your diet super-easy! Just scoop a serving of superfood powder into a glass of water or juice or add it to your smoothie and you have instant nutrition! Yes, you COULD eat whole superfoods like avocado, apricots, sour cherries, or cocoa, but even if you do eat a lot of these types of food, a superfood powder often delivers more nutrients per serving.

So how do you choose a good superfood powder? Good question! Here’s what I look for before buying this kind of product.

1. Ingredients 

What is in your prospective purchase? To find out this vital information you’ll need to read the nutrition label or visit the manufacturers website. Study the ingredients and make sure it has all the superfoods you want but none of the artificial or otherwise unhealthy ingredients that you don’t. Expect to see a long list of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and other natural substances; these are what make superfood powders super. Avoid products with artificial ingredients like sweeteners and preservatives and definitely don’t buy any that contain sugar. Products high in organic ingredients are generally the best choice.

2. Taste and texture 

While it’s unlikely that any superfood powder will taste like your favorite cocktail, it shouldn’t taste unpleasant either. Most have a fresh, grassy taste but they’re all a little different. A few taste downright nasty and are best avoided.

Some superfood powders don’t dissolve very well unless you blend them while others are much finer and dissolve easily. In general, easy dissolving powders are best.

Before committing to buying a lifetime supply of your new superfood powder, make sure you try the product to make sure you like the taste – or can at least tolerate it. If you don’t like the taste you may end up not using it and it doesn’t matter how beneficial a superfood powder is if it stays in the tub!

3. Cost

The most expensive superfood powder is not necessarily the best but then the cheapest is not necessarily the worst either. Prices, like taste and ingredients, can vary a lot from manufacturer to manufacturer so make sure you shop around.

Remember, taking a superfood powder for a week or a month won’t do you a whole lot of good; you continue taking it if you want to keep on experiencing the benefits these super supplements offer. For that reason, make sure your selected product matches your ongoing budget.

Don’t just look at the price per tub but also investigate the price per serving so you know exactly what you are getting for your money. A big but expensive tub might work out more cost effective in the long run than a small but cheap tub when you consider the cost per serving.

4. Reviews

Reviews from other users can tell you a lot about a product before you buy it. People are more than happy to share their opinions so make sure you do some reading to see what other people are saying about your intended purchase.

Sites like use an easy-to-understand 5-star rating system which helps make it easier to separate good products from the not-so-good. I always seek out products that have at least 60% 5-star ratings. Read the good reviews and then the bad to make sure you get a balanced of your superfood powder. Return the favor by writing your own reviews so other people can learn from your experiences.

5. Company reputation

What is the reputation of the company that manufactures your superfood powder? Are they a big company that has been trading for a long time? Do they have a good manufacturing track record? Do they offer a good level of customer support? Are their products well known?

Companies that have managed to stay in business for a long time (five years or more) must be doing something right, otherwise they’d have folded long ago. This means that customers must like their products and that is good news for you.

Seek out companies that have been in business for a long time and have a good reputation. They might not be the cheapest but you are more likely to have a good customer experience if you do.


I’ve used some GREAT superfood powder products and some that were not so great which is why I use these five criteria for choosing a new supplement. I’ve found that using these five factors makes it much easier to choose good products. As a result, I’ve been much happier with my purchases and have not had a bad experience since.

In my article “Best Superfood Powder” I used my system to identify what I think are the best superfood powders around. If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to buying superfood powder, I think you’ll find this guide very useful.

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My superfood Powder Guide

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