How Protein Bars help me to lose weight

One of the most common reasons that many diet plans fail is because they cause you to constantly crave unhealthy snacks between meals.

Unhealthy snacks are high in calories, fat and sugar and low in vitamins and fiber. As a result, you never feel satisfied and you are constantly looking for more and more snacks.

Constantly snacking increases your intake of added sugar, bad fats and calories.

If you stop constant snacking, you’ll lose weight.

How protein bars can help ?

Healthy protein bars contain vitamins, healthy fats and high quality fiber which will satisfy you for a couple of hours so you won’t need more snacks between meals.

You feel full so no more cravings.

Fewer cravings means fewer unhealthy snacks less bad calories.

Are ALL protein bars are good for weight loss ? No !

There are healthy protein bars especially designed to replace snacks that contain healthy fats, are low carbs, high in quality protein and low or have no added sugar.

Protein Bars for weight loss are low calorie, low fat and low sugar.

However, some protein bars are none of these things; they are not much better than candy bars and contain only a little protein but lots of unhealthy sugar and fat. You need to know the difference!

How to pick a healthy protein bar for weight loss?

  • Low or no sugar
  • High quality protein (min 5 grams)
  • Low carbs (women 140 up to 200 calories)
  • No artificial sweeteners and no sugar alcohols
  • Contain healthy fats, low sat. fats and no trans fats

There are SEVEN important features a protein bar must have. I’ve shared these features here and selected what are, in my, opinion the best protein bars for weight loss available today on the market.

My recommendations for the best protein bars for weight loss here.

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