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Breakfast Cabbage, cucumber, and mango juice
Cabbage, Cucumber, and Mango Juice

Most commercial juices are made from concentrate. Homemade juices are different. Try this cabbage, cucumber, and mango juice and see!

Breakfast  Spinach, Grape, and Coconut Smoothie post
 Spinach, Grape, and Coconut Smoothie

Bored of green smoothies that are healthy but taste like pond water? Make sure you try this spinach, grape, and coconut and recipe. It’s healthy AND tasty! 

Green Power Protein Breakfast Smoothie 

Avoid hunger and boost your metabolism with this high protein green power smoothie. Easy to make, it’s the perfect start to your day. 

Fruit smoothies Frozen Fruit Smoothie post
Frozen Fruit Smoothie
Breakfast breakfast-zinger-juice
Breakfast Zinger Juice 

Loaded with healthy ingredients, this energizing juice tastes every bit as good as it looks. Enjoy it for breakfast today. 

Lactose-Free Mixed Berries Smoothie for Lunch
Mixed Berries Smoothie for Lunch

Ready in seconds and super-healthy, this berry smoothie is the perfect lunch. I know you are going to love it. 

Breakfast Carrot-Ginger-and-Turmeric-Juice-pin
Carrot, Ginger, and Turmeric Juice

No time for breakfast? Think again! Don’t skip breakfast when time is short. Instead, make this delicious and nutritious juice. 

Breakfast Strawberry Oatmeal Breakfast
Strawberry Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie

No matter what flavors you prefer, there are smoothies for you to make that you’ll love. All you need is a good blender and a few simple ingredients. With smoothies, healthy eating was never so easy. Try this great-tasting recipe and see for yourself!

Superfoods Powder Shakes berry nice superfood smoothie powder
Berry Nice Superfood Smoothie

Many superfood smoothies are green but they do not have to be! This super smoothie is loaded with healthy ingredients…

Superfoods 5 simper superfood drink recipes article cover
5 Simple Superfood Powder Drink Recipes

I love superfood powder; it’s a convenient way to get more superfood nutrients into your diet without having to consume…

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