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Christmas Healing during the holidays post
Healing during the Holidays

Christmas is the time for giving gifts, so why not give yourself the gift of healing? In just a few minutes a day, you will be able to eliminate pain and feel happier and healthier. Create the habit of doing your chosen healing workout twice a day during the holidays. By the end of the holidays, you’ll feel like a new person! 

Christmas how to avoid christmas coma post cover
How to avoid a Christmas Food Coma

You’ll enjoy Christmas a lot more if you are awake, and your brain is fully switched on. Use these tips and tricks to make sure you don’t miss a thing, and avoid that all-too-common Christmas food coma. 

Christmas Whole roast cauliflower 
Whole roast cauliflower – 8 Ingredients

That’s why I was so excited when I found this recipe for whole roast cauliflower. Like a meat joint, you pop it in the oven whole and can carve it up when it’s time to serve. But, it’s much lighter and, of course, 100% meat-free!