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My mom is the most perceptive gift-giver ever. She’s one of those people who pays attention all year long about things you like, things that bother you, and things you need. I don’t know how she keeps track of it all, but she does. And her ability to do that led to one of the best gifts I’ve received for a long time.

We all own devices nowadays. Not one, but two or three. This presents several challenges for someone like me, and of course, my mother noticed. First, I never know where any specific device is at any given time. I am bad about misplacing them, and this leads to missed calls and texts. Second, it seems like my devices are never charged when I’m ready to walk out the door.

Enter my mother. Imagine my surprise when I received an Amazon package, available at, from her just after Christmas last year. We had already exchanged gifts. The package included a cute little charging station for all my devices. I’ve really enjoyed this gift and wanted to share this idea with you as Christmas approaches. . .

The Avantree Desktop Charging Station

avantree charging station

Available at

I had seen nice charging stations but had never given any thought to actually buying one. The ones I had seen were big and bulky. They just looked like they would take up too much space unless you had a big desk or counter to put them on.

The Avantree, available at, is unlike any charging hub I had seen. It has a small footprint, but it holds (and charges) four devices at once. I charge my iPhone, iPad mini, and iPod (which I still use for tunes) all at the same time. In the fourth port, I plug in the keyboard that goes with my mini. There are Lego-style feet on the top of the charger that line up my devices like little soldiers.

The Avantree also packs a lot of punch. The smart USB ports are on the underside of the stand, and they are all high-speed, so they fuel my devices really quickly. The hub detects what each device takes and maximizes the charging current. I love that feature.

I keep the hub on my nightstand now, so I always know where all my devices are. And best of all, they’re always charged when I need them. No more missed calls or texts. Mom probably likes that, too. 😉

The cords all tuck underneath, so everything is nice and tidy. And the Avantree comes with the power cable, a couple of micro USB cables, and some Velcro straps for cord management. I don’t know how I made it without this handy-dandy device. Thanks, Mom! Available at

If you’re trying to figure out what to buy someone special this holiday season, definitely consider this great charging hub. It’s helped to reduce my frustration levels every day since I plugged it in.

avantree charging station ports
avantree charging station side

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