5 Things To Do Before Starting a Meal Replacement Shake Plan

Meal replacement diets are a great way to lose weight, drop fat, and feel great. In fact, it’s probably one of my favorite diets. Meal replacement diets are so easy! All you have to do is swap one meal a day for a meal replacement shake and you will lose weight. There is no need to count calories or exercise like a crazy person; just have a shake in place of your biggest meal of the day.

However, because any lifestyle change can be hard initially, here are FIVE tried-and-tested tips to help make your meal replacement plan much easier…

1. Plan your meals 

With a meal replacement diet plan, here is mine at “How to lose weight with meal replacement shakes”,you simply replace one meal per day with a weight loss shake. It doesn’t matter too much which meal you replace – for me, breakfast was my first choice. However, it makes sense that, for fastest fat loss, you replace your biggest meal of the day.

Once you have decided which meal you will replace, and I recommend you only replace one per day, next you need to plan the what you are going to eat for the rest of day.

Plan your menu in advance and then go shopping for the ingredients you’ll need. That way, you’ll have everything you need to make healthy meals that will support your weight loss efforts.

Not sure what to eat? Don’t worry – I’ve got some great recipes for you to try!

Looking for sugar free recipes ?

Find Breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas here.

special muffin no added sugar
Light lasagna no sugar
Peanut butter and banana on toast
Pan-seared salmon with asparagus, arugula, zucchini and quinoa

Meal replacement shakes recipes ideas ?

Breakfast and lunch ideas here.

chocolate meal replacement shake lunch
Cookies and cream indulgence
Banana and Pineapple breakfast shake

2. Choose your meal replacement shake 

There are lots of different meal replacement shakes to choose from and you can also make your own low-calorie smoothies. When choosing which option is best, make sure you consider price, taste, and texture as well as availability – after all, you’ll need one shake a day for a month.

If possible, try and get a variety of flavors so you don’t get bored. Personally, I LOVE chocolate but I wouldn’t want to drink a chocolate shake each and every day of the week!

Here are my favorite meal replacement shakes – all tried and tested and reviewed by me!

3. Plan some exercise into your schedule

Exercise is a big part of successful weight loss and any exercise is good exercise. It doesn’t matter too much if you walk or run, lift weights or do push-ups, ride your bike or swim, so long as you try and clock up three hours of exercise per week.

You don’t have to exercise really hard either – just pick a level that is sustainable and enjoyable. It’s the getting up and moving that is important rather than the actual exercise you choose.

You CAN lose weight without exercise but it’s much harder and will happen more slowly. If you don’t enjoy exercise, try and find something you DO like to do such as walking your dog, playing with your kids, or working in your garden.

Bottom line: You will lose fat faster and more easily if you exercise too!

4. Take measurements and weigh yourself

One of the best ways to stay motivated is to see your progress over the weeks and months of your diet plan. Take a few minutes to weigh yourself and then measure your chest, waist, hips and thighs. Record these measurements on a piece of paper or a spreadsheet. Every week, reweigh and re-measure yourself to track your progress.

Don’t worry too much if you lose inches while your weight stays mostly stable – especially if you are exercising or it’s the first week or so of your diet. This is normal. The weight loss will soon catch up with your inch loss so just be patient.

Also, consider taking a “before” picture for reference. You’ll be AMAZED how different you look after following a meal replacement shake plan for just 30 days!

5. Recruit a diet buddy

Research suggests that dieters who have support from fellow dieters are much more successful, lose more weight, and also keep the weight off that they have lost. Don’t go it alone; recruit a diet buddy who can help keep you motivated while you do the same for them.

You can swap recipe ideas, talk about your progress, discuss your workouts and, in general, become a two-person diet team.

If you prefer not to share your diet journey with someone you know, why not sign up for an online weight loss social group. There are lots to choose from, all of which offer support and advice to dieters.


Losing weight with a meal replacement shake plan is easy; no counting calories, no cooking weird or tricky meals, and you have the flexibility to choose which meals you replace. Use these five tips to make the whole process even easier!

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