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No time, no money, no car? Whatever excuses you have for not doing your Yoga practice or following a healthy lifestyle, there’s a solution.

Several days per week, I work from home and spend my time writing and reading lots of Yoga, health, and fitness materials. On days like this, it’s virtually impossible to leave the house at a specific time to get to a Yoga practice. Thankfully, since discovering Grokker, official site here. I now have access to an amazing online system that helps me stay on the straight and narrow path to fitness and health.

It has everything I need from easy, healthy recipes for meals and smoothies to a variety of different Yoga practices to follow. It saves me time and energy by doing all the hard work for me.

And because I’m online anyway, all this is right at my fingertips. If I am struggling for ideas of what to eat or cannot find the time to plan my own Yoga practice, this service has what I need. It also helps me feel like I’m part of a healthy living community which is both inspiring and motivating.

Coupon: Right now there’s a limited 20% off discount for 1-year subscription here.

Free Trial: Or you can do a free 14 days trial here.

What is Grokker and what makes it so good? 

grokker on my iphoneGrokker invites you to become a better person and is designed to help you on your journey. It provides the perfect combination of information and support and makes living a healthy lifestyle much easier. For me, Yoga and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand and here you’ll find information on both all I one place.

Knowing exactly the needs of busy people, founder, devoted Yogini, and ambassador for healthy living Lorna Borenstein set up a resource for those who want to make time for more well-being. Grokker provides a huge variety of videos, articles, and recipes as well as the option to team up within a constantly growing community to enable you to live a healthier life.

Whether you want to practice Yoga or meditation, have a quick and efficient fitness workout, or need inspiration for a healthy smoothie or meal, you will soon find what you need.

As Grokker, official site here  is set up especially for busy people and you will find clear and concise instructions covering:

  • Yoga – 988 videos, 33 programs, 45 experts
  • Fitness – 943 videos. 24 Programs, 36 experts
  • Cooking – 1748 videos, 26 food categories, 54 experts

Note: if you would like to know the price, what is included, how to get a 2 weeks free,  and how you can have a 20% discount click here to scroll directly to conclusion.


Different yoga programs designed to help you treat common problems. You have 33 Programs you can follow: to low back health, for anxiety, fit and aligned, yoga for beginners, yoga and pilates fusion, lean and strong, and much more.

yoga programs at grokker


You can follow any of the 24 programs. The programs are specifically designed to shape your body. Prenatal Fitness, Pilates, Cardio, Weight Trainning, Cycle, Kick Cardio Fitness, 28 days program to burn fat, and much more. All from beginner to intermdiate and advanced.

fitness section at grokker



More than 1700 cooking video recipes. You can browse recipes by topics: gluten-free, french, american, chinese, seafood, japanese, vegan, raw food, breakfast and brunch, easy meals, desserts, baking and much more. There are 54 experts constantly doing and updating with more recipes.

grokker recently added recipes to cooking

Becoming a Yogi with Grokker

Grokker, official site here, is structured very clearly and will give you several appropriate responses to your query within seconds; you can easily find a Yoga sequence that fits your mood and needs because Offers a broad variety of classes with lots of different styles, durations, levels of difficulty, etc. You can choose quickly from more than 1.000 videos, which are all filterable by topic, level, duration, etc. at the first view:

yoga videos at grokker

If you are new to Yoga, I suggest that you start out by taking it easy, for example, choose Hatha as your style, beginner as the level, 20 minutes as your chosen duration.

Having done this, you will be rewarded with 15 different sequences to try – do one or two a day or whenever you have time. Use this great dashboard to try different styles and teachers, try longer sequences, and gradually become a regular practicing Yogi.

One very easy and comfortable way to become a Yogi is to follow the 10-day Beginner’s Yoga Guide by Siri Peterson Cavanna. This program guides you through step by step and is a great introduction to Yoga.

Note: if you would like to know the price, what is included, how to get 2 weeks free,  and how you can have a 20% discount click here to scroll directly to the conclusion.

yoga for beginners with Celest at Grokker

If you are a person who prefers a schedule and a clear structure, the beginner’s guide with Celest will help you best as it already provides a complete plan:

grokker yoga beginner's guide with Celest week 1 program

You can then go on to try other teachers and styles or explore other sequences for beginners.

As a big fan of well-presented, correctly sorted, and properly edited information, I like all the little details. The clearly arranged information boxes give all relevant information at a glance and help you to quickly to classify the chosen video. This makes it easy to decide if the response to your query is right for you and also steers you toward what to search for next.

Featured collections 

Having a clear program to follow helps when it comes to sticking to a challenge. The featured collections are a very nice way to set yourself a new goal and introduce variety in your health program. One of my favorite collections is the 7 Day Body & Soul Boot Camp with Brett Larkin.

7 day boot camp with brett larkin at grokker

Create your own collections

Once you get used to the Grokker way of doing things, you’ll soon find that you can start to create your own collections of sequences and recipes so you can share them with other like-minded people in and outside of the Grokker community.

collections in grokker

Note: if you would like to know the price, what is included, how to get 2 weeks free,  and how you can have a 20% discount click here to scroll directly to the conclusion.

The Community 

You can set up your Grokker profile just like any other social media profile and use it to connect with like-minded people, follow their progress, and share your activities.

The virtual Q&A space warmly encourages you to become part of the Grokker community and here you can reach out to the experts in all the fields. From  Yoga to fitness to cooking, your questions that are answered quickly and mindfully. This engagement with your favorite instructors and virtual partners in crime helps you and the whole community to learn and grow. There is also a general forum that helps with technical issues very quickly.

If you like practicing with a virtual company, or feel a lack of motivation, you can also join the fitness group classes that are scheduled daily and enjoy the special spirit a group always creates.

grokker community questions and answers


I hope I’ve explained how Grokker, official site here, can help you achieve that healthy lifestyle you have always dreamed of. It really is the perfect solution when you need a helping hand and you need it in a hurry.

You also have the option of a free trial so there really is no reason not to give it a try. I’m sure you will like the easy way this innovative service works and, most importantly, is there for you to educate and support you in your healthy lifestyle.


Discount: Right now Grokker has a limited 20% off discount for a 1-year subscription. Click here to go to the official site and get the discount.

Technical details: 

HD Videos suitable for:

  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Xfinity on Demand
  • HDMI


  • Mobile Optimized

iOS app

  • Includes HealthKit to track calories burned while doing the workouts

Stop thinking and start doing!  

Grokker is great but you don’t have to take my word for it; sign up for yourself and team up with thousands of like-minded people and become a better you!

Start your 14 Days Free Trial at Official Site

Grokker review - yoga classes at home

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