What I’ve learned in 2016! What’s coming for 2017!

2016 was an amazing and intense year for Days to Fitness. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that our Days to Fitness family would grow from 4,000 to over 26,000 subscribers today.

I’m very thankful you’ve trusted me with your email address, your time, and your energy, and I promise to always do my best to serve you in the best way I can.

Before revealing the first free course for 2017, I thought would be interesting to recap what I’ve learned in 2016 and hopefully motivate you to make some healthy changes yourself.

Cutting out sugar means you lose weight fast, have more energy, are more focused, and your mood improves greatly.  click here to Start Your 20 No-Sugar Days Diet.

Diet is the most important habit for losing weight, both in the short term and long term. This means that healthy recipes should always be your number one priority: click here to check all my recipes.

With the right plan, meal replacement shakes are an effective way to lose weight. They work by reducing cravings and avoiding constant snacking, and simply and easily reducing your calorie intake: Click here to find the plan I use to lose weight with meal replacement shakes.

There are different types of carbs and too many carbs in your diet is not healthy. Replacing carbs with vegetables is a simple and effective way to lose weight. There are simple low-carb diets that are easy to follow and very effective: Click here to to follow my effective and easy low-carb diet.

By learning about nutrition, we better understand how our bodies work and that makes it easier to  make healthy decisions about what to eat. Our food choices have a huge impact on our mood, energy levels, and on our weight. Making better food choices makes reaching our goals easier to accomplish. Education is a powerful ally on our fitness journey: Nutrition Science Series by Emilio and Nutrition Facts – My Nutrition Guide.

I have found that smoothies are an easy and quick way to add vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients to your diet. My smoothie is a healthy habit I’ve incorporated into my daily routine that gives me vitamins, fiber, and other different nutrients and it only takes five minutes to prepare. All you need is a blender and five minutes of your time. Click here and Start your Smoothie Experience.

With 21 Day Fix, I’ve learned the importance of a mixed diet: more vegetables, less carbs, more protein, and less sugar. Planning and preparing your meals in advance is the best way to enjoy healthy meals during your busy week. All about 21 Day Fix here.

Including Superfoods in your diet can make your immune system stronger, boost your energy levels, improve your digestive system, and prevent infections and common diseases like the flu. My Superfoods – my superfood guide.

The best diet for you is the one you enjoy and can stick to.

Motivation and Dedication are the keys to weight loss success. Don’t wait for tomorrow, start today!

Losing weight was my motivation to start changing my life. I started to change and created new healthy habits. Today, having a healthier life, I have more energy, a more focused mind, I’m much happier, and have maintained my weight without unpleasant sacrifices or struggles.

2017 – What’s coming

2017 has started and I’m already planning new actions and healthy habits to incorporate into my life. And, I can tell you, it will be even better than last year!

I’m not talking about resolutions. Instead, I prefer small steps and simple actions that start the change in you as you slowly integrate them into your daily life. That’s how you create new, healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

My first surprise for you is that I’ve invited a friend and yoga teacher to join us at Days to Fitness! Soon we’ll have a complete and totally free yoga course to share with you. Stay tuned by subscribing to my newsletter (you can do it on the bottom of this article) or come back and visit daystofitness.com during the next few days.

For now, here are the most visited posts of Days to Fitness in 2016.

Get inspired, get motivated, make the change and enjoy the benefits of living healthy.

Most Popular Articles of 2016

How to lose weight with Meal Replacement Shakes

step by step guide about how to lose weight with meal replacement shakesThis is the plan I used to lose weight in a quick, easy and healthy way using meal replacement shakes and healthy meals. Reduce cravings and fight constant snacking with low calorie meal replacement shakes. Read more.

Welcome to 20 No-Sugar Days Diet

start your no sugar diet coverIt wasn’t easy but this was the most important thing I eliminated from my diet: added sugar. This was a huge discovery and I’ve read and written so much about sugar because this made a huge impact on my life. I not only lost weight, I now have more energy and feel so much healthier! You’ve to give it a try; you’ve got nothing to lose because it’s 100% FREE. Continue reading.

21 Day Fix Eating Plan

21 day fix eating planIn 2016 more than 1 million people have read this post!

It contains all you need to know about how the 21 Day Fix plan works and contains a meal planner, recipes, a guide to the color-coded containers, Shakeology alternatives, workouts and so much more. Learn more.

Shakeology Alternatives

shakeology alternatives for your meal replacement shakes dietEffective and cheaper alternatives to the famous but more expensive Shakeology shakes. High quality alternatives with high quality protein, low in sugar, and no trans fats. Include meal replacement shakes in your 21 Day Fix eating plan to maximize your weight loss results. Continue reading.

Get Your Copy of Days to Fitness Recipe Book

subscribe and get 2 free booksWow, thanks for that! My first recipe book, called Days to Fitness Recipe book, contains 46 recipes which are all 21 Day Fix approved. It’s totally free and, in return, I only ask that you subscribe to my newsletter. It’s available in PDF and iBooks format and has been downloaded more than 35,000 times.

If you subscribe, you also get access to my other free e-book, The Meal Shakes Book, which contains all you need to know to lose weight in a healthy and quick way using low calorie meal replacement shakes. Read more.

21 Day Fix Recipes

breakfast ideas for your meal planHalf a million people have seen these recipes!

Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch, Dinner and Desserts. All the recipes you need for your 21 Day Fix journey. No excuses, each recipe is simple and comes with color coded information so you can easily plan and prepare your meals for the whole week. All 21 day fix approved recipes here.

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