What is Slendesta ?

When you want to lose weight, hunger can be a major obstacle. Losing weight inevitably means eating less and that can cause your stomach to rumble.

If you have good willpower, you may be able to resist hunger but, even if your willpower is like iron, at some point you will quit your diet and eat too much of the wrong kind of food. Doing this occasionally is no big deal but if it happens a lot, you’ll never get good results from your diet.

However, what if you could eat less without feeling hungry? What is dieting didn’t make your stomach rumble? What if eating less didn’t cause cravings? That would make weight loss much easier, right? That’s where Slendesta could be valuable…

What is Slendesta?

Slendesta is a natural ingredient extracted from potatoes. In fact, it’s a type of potato protein. It is often added to weight loss shakes and meal replacement bars to make them more filling.

It contains an ingredient called Proteinase Inhibitor II (PI2) which makes you feel full up faster and for longer. This means that, if you consume Slendesta with your meals or as part of a shake or bar, you are much less likely to overeat and should feel fuller for longer. You’ll also eat less throughout your day. Slendesta is like instant willpower!

How does it work?

Proteinase Inhibitor II (PI2) enhances the release of Cholecystokinin (CCK), which is a naturally occurring chemical signaler that travels from your stomach to your brain to tell you that it’s full. Signaling chemicals sometimes take a long time to do their job and, as a result, your brain takes a while to tell you to stop eating. During this time, despite being full, you don’t feel full and can over overeat.

PI2 makes sure your brain thinks your stomach is full – even if it isn’t. In short, it turns off hunger for a few hours so you’ll find it easier to stick to your healthy eating plan.

It is safe? 

Slendesta is a natural ingredient extracted from potatoes so yes, it’s safe. It’s been studied extensively for both its effectiveness and safety and is manufactured under very strict guidelines. When taken as directed by the manufacturer, Slendesta should result in easier weight loss, less hunger, and better dietary compliance. In short, you will be able to eat less without feeling hungry. Cool!

Where can I get Slendesta? 

Slendesta is an ingredient in many weight loss shakes and protein bars including IdealBar and IdealShake – both of which are amongst my all-time favorite weight loss products. It is also available on its own as a supplement to be taken before or between meals when you feel hungry.

Is it right for me? 

If you find that hunger makes sticking to a healthy diet hard, Slendesta and products that contain this ingredient can help make it easier to lose weight. It works best with a sensible diet and regular exercise plan and will not help you lose weight if you always eat junk food or too much food generally. Think of Slendesta as a willpower booster that will prevent hunger for several hours at a time so you can relax and stop thinking about food.

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      Slendesta is a natural ingredient extracted from potatoes and used as a natural hunger suppressant while Splenda is an artificial sweetener. I don’t recommend consuming any kind of artificial sweeteners due to the links found to cancer and while artificial sweeteners don’t have calories, like refined sugar, but they do raise insulin levels causing fat to be generated and stored.

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