The Paleo diet with home workout

The Paleo diet is a lifestyle plan that works with the body’s natural needs and wants to put people on the path to a healthy, lean, strong and energetic life. It’s a plan that emphasizes the need for lots of nutrient rich food and disregards eating refined sugars and processed food. The main idea behind it is that our ancestors during the Paleolithic era evolved nutritional needs that matched the world they lived in; infrequent, fresh food. Although the world has changed our bodies haven’t and the nutritional needs we have are the same as our caveman ancestors, making the fatty sugary foods we are also fond of dangerous and unnecessary to our survival. However no matter how well you stick the Paleo diet, if you’re not moving you won’t be expending any energy and will find it harder to break down your fat stores. Everyone is busy we know that, and finding a couple of hours each day to get to the gym often seems like mission impossible! However there are plenty of workouts you can do at home which produce great results alongside the Paleo diet recipes.

Why do home workouts combine so well with the Paleo diet?

As you now know, the Paleo diet is all about embracing our Neanderthal heritage, and bringing out the warrior within. So, it’s pretty clear that way back in the age of the cavemen there were no exercise bikes, elliptical trainers or treadmills. All the exercise available was through natural movement, which is why home workouts without using equipment are the perfect accompaniment to the paleo diet. The machines that fill gyms across the world are just that, the mechanical movements that they force us to perform are so far removed from any movement we make outside of the gym that we become disconnected from our body’s natural activity patterns. Here are 5 exercises you can incorporate into your home workout and help your body to become naturally flexible strong and energetic.

  1. 3 minute Endurance – The squat, the pushup and the burpee are great exercises to build strength and stamina. Perform as many reps for one as you can, rest for 90 seconds then move on to the next one.
  2. Single leg deadlifts – contrary to our ancestors the primarily sedentary lifestyle we now lead means the hamstring, calf and lower back muscles are weak and tight in most people. Come back strong and loose with this simple exercise.
  3. Cardio – Ok, so it may be difficult to do a full cardio workout in your living room, but it is possible. Use your house as a running track, or work up a sweat with a jump rope.
  4. The Plank – This simple ab exercise can have you shaking with pain and sweat in seconds. It will challenge your entire core strength and done correctly will help build rock hard abs.
  5. Stretch – The paleo lifestyle is all about a sustained commitment to taking care of your body all of the time. Doing a full body hard workout is great, but lazing about on the couch afterwards, is not so great. Keep your body moving as much as possible. Lunge from the fridge to the oven when you’re cooking dinner, and stand up at your desk every now and then, your body will thank you for it.

So, there is no need to panic if you haven’t been able to get to the gym in the last few weeks, because really if you’re living the Paleo way, it’s not necessary. Paleo is all about getting back in tune with your body, so listen to it, work out your natural rhythm and move it as much as possible.

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