The Best Time to Eat a Healthy Protein Bar

Protein bars are often marketed and sold to hardcore exercisers and bodybuilders. If you open a fitness magazine, you will undoubtedly come across lots of adverts that promise a protein bar will help you build bigger muscles.

While some protein bars are definitely better suited to this type of goal, they can also be very useful for healthy weight loss, “Meal Replacement Bars vs. Post Workout Bars”. I’ve written a lot about protein bars before and you can read more about healthy protein bars here.

But, some people are confused about when they should eat their protein bar. It doesn’t help that there are no instructions on the bar that provide advice on this subject. Because of this, some people aren’t getting all the benefits that protein bars have to offer.

To set the record straight, in this article, I want to tell you about the best times to eat your protein bar…


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, period. People who eat breakfast are statistically more likely to be slim than those who do not and having breakfast prevents mid-morning hunger pangs and cravings.

BUT, not everyone has time for a healthy breakfast. I know there are some mornings when I don’t!

So, rather than skip breakfast altogether, grab a protein bar to eat on your way to work or school. That way, you can relax knowing you can start your day right even if you are in a hurry!

As a snack

Most snacks are unhealthy. Candy, cookies, cake, donuts, potato chips – eating any of these things will derail your weight loss efforts big time.

However, a healthy protein bar can help stave off hunger and get you through to your next meal.

If you are hungry, it becomes very hard to make healthy food choices but with a protein bar close to hand, you have the perfect healthy snack to hold you over until it’s time to eat a more substantial meal.

Grab a protein bar whenever you need a healthy, convenient snack. “The Best Healthy Snack for this Summer”.

As a meal replacement

Meal replacement diets involve replacing a regular meal with a lower-calorie alternative; normally a shake. However, it’s not always possible to have a shake and you might just want to have something different anyway.

Protein bars are high in protein, contain fiber and healthy fats, and also provide vitamins and minerals. In short, they are a small but healthy meal in a bar. This makes them an ideal alternative to a meal replacement shake and a great way to lose weight. “How Protein Bars help me to lose weight”.

Before exercise

If you need extra energy for a workout but do not have time to make something to eat, a protein bar can be a good alternative. Eating a protein bar 1-2 hours before exercise will mean you can work out longer and harder than on an empty stomach. You may, however, find that a higher carb bar would be the best choice so look for bars with 20 or more grams of carbs per serving for this purpose.

After exercise

Once you have finished your workout, your body is crying out for energy and especially protein. Exercise causes muscle breakdown and the sooner you can provide your muscles with protein, the sooner they will start the repair process.

Keep a protein bar in your gym bag so you can eat it immediately after you finish your workout. That way you will not delay your recovery for even a minute.

If you have carb or sugar cravings

Healthy protein bars taste like candy but contain very little sugar. This makes them an ideal way to indulge your sugar cravings without breaking your diet. They are also much healthier than candy and more filling too. Keep a protein bar in your car, gym bag, and desk at work so you never have to reach for a candy bar again!


Protein bars are really useful and can make a great addition to your healthy diet. Of course, some protein bars are better than others so make sure you choose a good one –“How to Pick a Healthy Protein Bar ?”. Buy them or make them – it’s up to you “Homemade VS store-bought protein bars”– but make sure you are never too far away from a handy, healthy protein bar!

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    • Hi ! Thanks for your comment. I usually have mine protein bar in between meals. This way I feel full and avoid constant snacking until the next meal. If you are on a low carb diet, a protein bar before a workout can fuel your exercises with carbs and protein.

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