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21 Day Fix Eating Plan

color coded containers food typesOne of the things I like the most at 21 Day Fix program it’s not only a workout plan but also combines a genius nutrition plan…read post.

  • Why do you need a genius nutrition plan
  • Color Coded Containers and Sizes
  • Target Calories
  • Planning Your Grocery List
  • 21 Day Fix Approved Food
  • 21 Day Fix Calendar Plan
  • Calendar for Calorie Target 1200 without Shakeology
  • 21 Day Fix Meal Plan Ideas
  • Shakeology Alternatives

Shakeology Alternatives

protein powders alternative to shakeologyAt the end of the day, Shakeology is nothing more than an incredibly healthy approach to making sure that you get all of the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids your body needs to thrive while stripping out absolutely everything that could cause you to gain weight (or even stay at the same weight you’re currently at)...continue reading

  • Shakeology may not be the right choice
  • The money can really start to pile up!
  • Protein Powder alternatives
  • Best Protein Powders Alternatives


21 Day Fix Complete Guide

21 day fix complete guideWhen it comes to trying (and failing) to lose weight, we’ve all been there, right? We pick out a diet because we’ve heard some promising buzz, give it a try… and then don’t really see the results we were hoping for. We’ve tried supplements, programs, and regimens galore. Nothing seems to work. And if it does work, the results don’t last. It’s even harder to find a program that not only works, but is simple and easy to stick with. What you would like to know about 21 Day Fix ?

  • What is it ?
  • My 21 Day Fix Review
  • Eating plan in detail
  • Workout in detail
  • My results
  • Motivation for your 21 day fix plan
  • Approved recipes

3 Day Refresh

3 day refresh what is includedMany people try extremely hard to lose unwanted fat and weight. However, most of these people are not getting the help they need. As a result, these people are often met with a frustrating lack of results despite the amount of effort they put into becoming healthier individuals. In addition, many people who participate in the latest diet fads end up hurting their body rather than helping it…learn more.

  • What is it ?
  • Directions
  • 3 Day Refresh Review
  • Eating Plan
  • My Results
  • 3 Day Refresh Recipes