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  • Days to Fitness Recipe Book with 21 Day Fix Approved Recipes
  • The Meal Shakes Book – Meal Replacement Shakes Recipes

Days to Fitness Recipe Book – 2nd Edition

Recipe Book 2nd Edition breakfast preview for iphone and ipad

Days to Fitness Recipe Book – 2nd Edition

1st Edition has more than 25,000 downloads.

I want to thank you, and what better way than by creating a brand new, more complete, and better looking 2nd Edition.

What’s new in the 2nd Edition ?

  • Now available in iBooks format, it looks beautiful on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
  • Now with Dessert recipes included (3 recipes).
  • Includes Shakeology Alternatives and 6 Meal Shakes recipes.
  • Totally redesigned, including a better layout, easy-to-follow instructions, and perfect organization.
  • All recipes include 21-Day Fix Containers information.
  • Total of 46 Recipes (Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, and Meal Shakes).
  • Also available as a PDF.

As always, it’s FREE .

iBook Format available, so it looks amazingly beautiful  on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Also available in PDF.

All recipes include 21-Day Fix Containers information.
Includes the 3 best shakeology alternatives available on the market today.

Recipe Book 2nd Edition breakfast preview for iphone and ipadrecipe book 2nd edition pdf cover preview

Download iBooks format here

Download PDF format here

Download  iBooks format here

Download PDF Format here

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The Meal Shakes Book

the meal shakes book 1st edition

The Meal Shakes Book

In this book I’ve included all the tools and tips I needed to do my 30 days meal replacement shakes plan.

I explain how you can lose weight with meal shakes.

I’ve included the plan I used and you can follow or edit it to adapt it to your routine

The few things you need in your kitchen to get started

The meal replacement shake powder I use and why it’s my number one preference from all the other products currently available.

There are 15 meal replacement shakes recipes divided in

  • 10 breakfast shakes recipes
  • 5 lunch shakes recipes

All recipes are low in sugar, low in salt, low in fat and contain no trans fat.

Healthy Recipes to maximize your weight loss goals.

All recipes contain the shake powder I used and the nutrition information.

You can download the book in 2 different formats: PDF (works on phones, Windows, Linux and Mac) and iBook (for Mac, iPhone, iPad)

the meal shakes book 1st editionThe meal shakes book cover
Download iBooks format hereDownload PDF format here

Download  iBooks format here

Download PDF Format here

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More ideas for your diet plan

How to lose weight with Meal Replacement Shakes

step by step guide about how to lose weight with meal replacement shakes

Plan your meals, choose the best meal replacement shake for you, follow my recipes and make a tasty and healthy shake to replace one of your meals ( I recommend breakfast). Start today, continue tomorrow and you’ll start to lose weight.
Follow my Meal Replacement Shakes Guide

Shakeology Alternatives

shakeology alternatives for your meal replacement shakes dietShakeology is a very known product for it’s popularity but also for it’s high price. Are you looking for a substitute ? Find the best protein powders on the market today – perfect for your “counterfeit” Shakeology shakes!

Shakeology Alternatives


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