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Inversion Therapy Inversion Therapy Studies post
What studies say about Inversion Therapy

When I first heard about inversion therapy for treating back pain, I must admit, I was a little skeptical. I’ve been using and it really helped me, but what studies say about Inversion Therapy?

Inversion Therapy does inversion table really work post
Does Inversion Therapy Really Work?

Can inversion table exercises really help you with your back, neck and sciatica pain ? My story and my experience shared here

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Inversion Therapy Best Inversion Tables
Best Inversion Tables
Inversion Table Exercises Inversion Table exercises for neck pain relief post
Inversion Table Exercises for Neck Pain Relief

Specific exercises to help you stretch and relax the muscles around your neck and shoulders.

Inversion Therapy How to Set Up Your Inversion Table cover
How to Set Up Your Inversion Table

A good adjustment makes a much more enjoyable experience. Ste up your inversion table and start your first session.

Inversion Table Exercises Inversion table exercises and routines post
Inversion Table Routines & Exercises

Diferente exercises allow you to stretch different muscles. Create your own routines by combining different exercises.