Sugar Free Recipes

Sugar Free Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Starting your day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast helps kick-start your metabolism, stabilize your blood glucose, and ward off mid-morning hunger. I know for a fact that, if I skip breakfast, I usually experience a mid-morning energy slump which is usually accompanied by a craving for junk food and coffee! Recipes here.

Peanut butter and banana on toast cheesy,-eggy-mushrooms-with-spinach special muffin no added sugar sugar free oatmeal breakfast

Sugar Free Snacks Recipes

Take it from one who knows; hunger can really make sticking to a healthy diet difficult. Once hunger strikes, your brain goes into hunter/gatherer mode and can cause you to seek out and chow down on the nearest convenient source of calories. Inevitably, this won’t be anything that’s good for you and will very likely be one of those foods linked directly to spiking your insulin – donuts and candy for example. As you know by now, eating lots of sugar does nothing good for your health and will cause you to gain weight fast. Not only that, sugar doesn’t fill you up and can even make you hungrier – so much for that satisfying snack! All my favorite sugar free snacks recipes here.

no sugar Zucchini pizza bites No-bake energy booster balls sugar free spicy seed and nut mix Turkey and avocado toasts

Sugar Free Recipe Cookbook

21 day sugar detox reviewIf you would like to have a good low sugar recipe book on your kitchen, I can recommend you The 21 day Sugar Detox by Diane Sanfilippo. It’s a complete book with nutritions information, meal planner and more than one hundred of recipes. All low sugar, perfect to lose weight and get your energy levels back to normal. My complete review about the book can be found here.

Sugar Free Lunch Recipes

Healthy alternatives for your daily meals. Very low on sugar, this ideas will help you on your no sugar diet while enjoying tasty food. Avoiding processed food is easy, you only need some time to do your grocery and cook your own food. It’s not a waste of time, instead is an investment on your quality of life. All lunch recipes here.

Pan-seared salmon with asparagus, arugula, zucchini and quinoa
No bread beef and horseradish wrap Oven-baked frittataChampion chicken panini

Sugar Free Dinner Recipes

Gather your family and friends, surprise them with a yummy sugar free recipe. A lot of people think no sugar meals are boring and take ages to do. No complicated ingredients, no tricks or magic, simple, easy, healthy and no added sugar. My favorite sugar free recipes for dinner time all together here.

Speedy stir-fried chicken with broccoli & brown rice Baked eggs in peppers Light lasagna no sugarBaked cabbage and sausages


Sugar Free Dessert Recipes

Do you have sugar cravings ? I’ve them sometimes and let me tell you, avoiding desserts is not a long term options. Instead of saying no, go for a healthy alternative with low sugar. Add a sweet moment to your day without added sugar. Recipes here.

Baked coconut milk custards

Tofu protein chocolate pudding no sugar oatmeal pancakes Quick chocolate sponge cake

20 No Sugar Days Challenge

20 no sugar days challenge by days to fitnessAvoiding sugar is not easy on the first days, but you will be surprised with the amazing benefits. You will not only lose weight but regain focus and energy. Give it a try, join my free 20 No-Sugar days Challenge and experienced the benefits. Join me here.


Sugar Free Christmas Dessert Recipes

Enjoy a healthy Christmas without gaining weight by avoiding added sugar. Sugar free Christmas recipes as an alternative for the high sugar usual Christmas desserts. My Healthy Christmas ideas here.

low sugar carrot cake for this christmaslow sugar chocolate chili brazil nuts low sugar christmas alternativeslow sugar soft baked ginger cookies


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  1. I enjoy an adult drink in the evenings. Is it ok to have a shot of Pendleton Whiskey with water? It has no sugar, but I know sometimes alcohol is metabolized to sugar.

    • Hi Amy,

      Yes, alcohol is metabolized like Refined Fructose. If you are going for the challenge 20 No-Sugar Days I would recommend you to try to avoid any type of added sugar, it’s not mandatory but is the best way to get all the benefits and experience a journey without sugar. Have a great day,

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