Frozen Banana Bites

If you’re looking for recipes which will allow you to enjoy variety and nutrition while you do the 21 Day Fix diet and fitness program, you’ll love this easy dessert recipe. After all, almost everyone has a sweet tooth and this Frozen Banana Bites dessert will help you to enjoy something sweet, without short-circuiting your weight loss goals.

This is one of the best 21 Day Fix recipes, so you should definitely add it to your 21 Day Fix calendar! Doing so will be one of the secrets of getting superb results from the 21 Day Fix diet plan.

The 21 Day Fix was designed by stunning fitness guru Autumn Calabrese, with a mind to helping men and women all over the world get lean, fit and sexy. The program focuses on a very clean diet, which is free of processed and fattening foods. Portion control is an important part of the system, which also requires regular workouts. When you choose this recipe, it will count as one purple container.

Ingredients & Directions

First, you’ll need to slice a banana thickly. One banana should be enough if you’re making a snack just for yourself. Make half-inch slices and then top them with all-natural peanut butter or another type of diet-approved nut butter. Some people try hazelnut butter instead for a more delicate flavor. Once you’ve spread the nut butter on the banana slices, top with other banana slices and then freeze. Once they are set, they make a quick and convenient snack which has lots of potassium and protein.

These banana slices will help you to ward off cravings, as bananas are quite filling. In addition, they will give you the energy that you need in order to power through your workouts.

You deserve exceptional desserts, meals and snacks. Luckily, this workout program is flexible enough to give you plenty of options. We’ve compiled a host of appealing and approved recipes here, so be sure to check them out, with a mind to finding the ones that are most appetizing.

Once you’ve found the right recipes, you may create a meal plan which provides balanced nutrition. Just pay attention to portion control, as it’s really important not to exceed daily allotments of certain types of foods. Many times, we eat more of each food than we should. The 21 Day Fix is designed to give us what we need in order to be healthy and lose weight and it’s all about careful portion control.

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