Dinner Sugar Free Recipes

Light lasagna

Light lasagna no sugarDo your homemade lasagna with no sugar and carbs. A delicious idea, that you can easily store for the next day. Servings can be easily frozen to eat in another day. See my recipe here.



20 No-Sugar Days Challenge

20 no sugar days challenge by days to fitnessNote: I’ve created a challenge to motivate my readers to get rid of sugar and the feedback have been amazing. The instructions are simple, the recipes are all available, it’s 100% Free and you can start right now. Join my 20 No-Sugar days Challenge here.

Baked eggs in peppers

Baked eggs in peppersLook and tastes amazing. This veggie recipe will boost your body with protein and powerful nutrients. Easy to prepare and store, this is a healthy idea for your busy days. Full recipe here.



Speedy stir-fried chicken with broccoli & brown rice

Speedy stir-fried chicken with broccoli & brown rice

After my running routine for 15 minutes, I like to have a high on carbs meal to restore my body energy levels. This stir-fried chicken is low on sugar and perfect to combine with my no sugar challenge. Follow the recipe here.


Baked cabbage and sausages

Baked cabbage and sausagesVeggie or meat sausages, just be careful before buying, look for no, or ver low, sugar. Yummy meal for your dinner and your no sugar journey. Enjoy. Recipe available here.


Turkey and quinoa Thai-style curry

Turkey and quinoa Thai-style curry

Forget the pre-mad jars of curry. Homemade curry is much easier than you think. From start to finish you only need 30 minutes. Try this thai-style curry recipe here.


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  1. Hi Sarah, Thanks for your site. My issue is that I have been diagnosed with an infection in my gut and my doctor wants me to be on zero sugar, zero fruit diet. Do you have a list of brands or items you can buy that don’t have added sugar? For example, the baked cabbage and sausages, I can’t find any sausages that have zero sugar.

    • Hi Jayme. Thanks for your comment and your kind words. Thanks for pointing that out, the best option would be to buy fresh sausages from the butcher. I believe fresh sausages have no added sugar, but to be sure it’s better to ask. Good luck and have a great day.

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