Blender Recipes

So, you’ve got a blender – great! And I bet you use it to make some delicious smoothies – just like the recipes I’ve published on this site. Maybe you make meal replacement shakes to help you lose weight too. 

The thing is, now you have a blender, hopefully one of these great models, you have just what you need to make other healthy and delicious food – namely ice cream and soups. 

“Ice cream” I hear you say, “Isn’t this a health website?”. Yes, it is but where many store-bought ice creams are really unhealthy, you can make really good ice cream that is tasty and healthy too using your blender. 

And as for soups, they are the perfect healthy eating food. Filing, high in fiber, low in calories but really easy to make, soups are the perfect warm replacement for high calorie food. Also, eating a bowl of soup before a main meal is a good way to fill you up so you feel satisfied sooner and are much less likely to overeat. 

Using your blender, you can make awesome starters and superb desserts that taste as good as they are healthy. Here are some tried and tested ice cream and soup recipes so you can take full advantage of your new kitchen ally!

Ice Cream Recipes

Soup Recipes

Blender Recipes tomato soup

Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is an all-time classic that goes perfectly with a grilled cheese sandwich. Nourishing,…

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