Best Home Workout Routines for Abs for men

Now, let’s talk about some specific exercises which may just help you to get the six-pack abs that you’ve always dreamed of having…

Great Ab Exercises to Consider

Fitness gurus recommend “explosive” exercises in order to build a stronger, sexier core. Examples include classic jumping jacks. Chances are, you were doing these exercises ways back in grade school – so, why not try them again? Another classic exercise to add to your abdominal workout routine is the traditional push-up.

Jumping Jacks and push-ups are challenging enough to give good results over a short time frame. Do these exercises in sets, until muscle fatigue kicks in. Then, rest and try again. Over time, you should develop endurance which assists you in getting stronger and building up your ab muscles.

Both of these exercises are very common and popular, so we won’t waste time explaining how to do them. If you do need assistance with correct form on any of the exercises which we’ve discussed today, consider searching for the exercises on YouTube.

When you do, you will be able to see them being performed, which will help you to learn. One tip is only to watch videos from respected fitness pros, as these videos will be more likely to demonstrate correct form. If you don’t have much time or you find it hard to start this routines, I recommend you to check expert designed programs, like Flabs2Abs, that will motivate you, ensure you do correctly the workout exercises and follow a healthy designed diet. Correct form is one of the keys to getting awesome results from workouts!

Another explosive exercise is a Burpee. This exercise is a mainstay for those who want great abs – however, it may not be as familiar to you. So, let’s talk about what Burpees actually are.

Burpees begin when you’re in a standing position. Once you’re standing, drop down, into a squat pose and put your hands on the floor. Then, kick your feet backwards as you maintain an extended arm position. Next, get back on your feet, into the squat position. Lastly, jump up from this position.

burpees example

Sit-ups are also great choices. Sit-ups can be tough, but they get the job done. In general, any type of sit-up or crunch which allows you to feel the burn right in your core will help you to define your abs.


Hopefully, our guide will make it easier for you to create an abdominal workout plan that really delivers. While it is possible to do a whole other range of ab exercises which require the usage of fitness equipment, you’ll find that it’s very possible to create six-packs without spending a single penny. However, you will need to work hard and challenge yourself.

Knowing how to develop your abs without equipment can be very practical. For example, it will allow you to do a workout anywhere that you happen to be, from a hotel room to your own living room to the great outdoors. So, be sure to test out our home workout routines for abs today.

Changing your body for the better will require discipline and focus. However, the time and effort that you put in will pay off when you look in the mirror. Your strong core will also support better back health.

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