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Hi! I’m Katrin and I’m very happy to introduce you to the world of Yoga here at Days to Fitness I’ve been studying yoga for more than 10 years now. From the very beginning of my yoga practice I have found peace and strength and serenity and gratitude soon followed. The desire to be able to pass that on to others inspired me into doing a yoga teacher training course in 2013 in India at the Ashiyana Yoga Centre and aroused my interest in yoga and holistic life approaches...continue reading

Reviews yoga at home with grokker

Yoga Classes at Home with Grokker

Give it a try and find out if yoga is for you. Your first yoga class at home for free, with an amazing service called Grokker.

Days to Yoga Bliss How to Apply Yoga in your daily life post cover

How to Apply Yoga in your Daily Life

How can we integrate what we learn in yoga on our daily tasks and daily life ? Small changes on our daily habits will result in big changes on our lives.

Days to Yoga Bliss what is yoga ? answered by katrin

What is Yoga

We all have heard a lot about what is yoga, but more important is what yoga can be for you.

Days to Yoga Bliss Top 5 Things you should know before starting Yoga wp

Top 5 Things you Should Know Before Starting Yoga

Before your first yoga pose, or your first yoga breathing, read this 5 important facts.

Days to Yoga Bliss Why Yoga Can help us All wp

Why Yoga Can Help All of Us

Yoga helps mentally and physically by relaxing your mind and toning your muscles, you will feel your body more flexible and your mind stronger and peaceful.

Days to Yoga Bliss my favorite yoga mats by katrin

My Favorite Yoga Mats

Days to Yoga Bliss Yoga for weight loss cover

Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga can help you to lose weight but more importantly can help you to relax, reduce muscle pain, tone your body and better connect with yourself.

Days to Yoga Bliss yoga at classes

Yoga Classes

Days to Yoga Bliss Yoga Poses for Beginners

Yoga Poses for Beginners

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