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Beachbody is a name most people who have ever walked into a gym, or even just walked through the fitness side of a bookstore are familiar with as one of the top names in exercise field. This company has come out with some of the most inventive programs for weight loss and exercise for decades. Always looking for someone with a plan that works the 21 Day Fix program comes from Autumn Calabrese. Her name has been spotted along with celebs such as Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke, as well as Rachel Zoe. This DVD series encompasses the knowledge she has passed on to her students to help them in finding safe, effective, and easy steps toward weight loss and a total body change.

The Work at Home Benefit

One of the benefits of this series is as with all the DVD’s from Beachbody’s it’s easy to follow at home. As with most of the series produced by this company it’s not simply a DVD that shows up in the mail. Instead, you will receive a complete program with the 21 Day Fi Essential Package, The Ultimate 21 Day Fix Package, and the Challenge Pack. Other DVD’s in the series don’t carry the complete kit, but work as extensions of the program series. All in the series include the use of the 24/7 online support features.

Working from home and having 24/7 support will mean you can make your own schedule. No matter how packed, or uneven a schedule is booked for the day, you can find the 30 minutes to perform the workout, or check over the diet program to answer questions or simply for motivation.

A Remarkable Price

Most of the DVD’s in this series are priced below a $200, and when considering what comes with the kit this is an impressively good value. With the Ultimate package for example you will receive an insulated bag to store your food at work, or while away from home along with a large on the go container, and a resistance band. It’s possible to also separately buy smaller on the containers that fit neatly into this larger container. You can also buy other DVD’s in the series to supplement the original workouts and keep the enthusiasm and motivation fresh.

A Short, But Comprehensive Workout

The 21 Day Fix programs are in six workouts on two DVD’s, and includes a bonus workout called the Dirty 30. Each workout is 30 minutes long making them the best plan for those who face heavy schedules filled with school, work, family, or social demands. The only equipment required is small weights, and the resistance band. There are several workouts in the series that focus on specific “fixes” such as the Upper Fix that works the upper body, including the chest, shoulders, and abs. This workout is typically where the use of weights will come into play, but some people use modifications of the resistance band instead. Other parts of this workout can be done using your own body weight depending on your level of fitness. All of these programs will need a workout mat that allows you to lie, or move about without the mat moving or becoming uncomfortable.

21 day fix complete nutrition and workout plan

21 Day Fix presented by Autumn Calabrese Trainer


Total Body Cardio Fix

While the appearance of the body is fixed with upper and lower workouts, it’s just as important to keep the heart healthy in order to have a great looking body. The Total Body Cardio Fix is a fast pace, and in just 30 minutes it’s possible to four rounds of two sets with a short 20-second rest period between each set. Not only does this type of workout keep the heart in shape, it will also tone every muscle in the body.

21 day fix Schedule

21 Day Fix – Workout Schedule (click for full size)


The Nutrition Side of the Plan

The plan is so simple to follow, all the calorie counting of the past will seem like a huge waste of time. The containers, which are color-coded make the system simple since you can eat as much as the food in the container as will fit inside. This type of portion control will become a reflex over time as you have a better understanding of what type of foods should be taken in larger or smaller measure.

There is a chart and mathematical equation you only need to reference to help in determining the servings of each of the seven containers you should take with you per day. There is a difference in equation between men and women, and this is one of the reasons for the equation being included.

21 day fix nutrition plan week schedule

Week 1 Round 2 of Nutrition Plan (Click for Full Size)

What Do People See with 21 Day Fix?

Reviewers are saying they do see the weight loss, and it is fast. While results vary many have stated they lost weight faster then the 15 in 21 days, but it should be considered that a number of factors go into weight loss such as age, starting weight, and natural body type. The 15 pounds is the most common result.

This plan doesn’t stop in 21 Days as those who need to take off more weight can do so by continuing with the plan, and remembering not overindulge, and do the exercises. As with any workout DVD series the results will depend on how much you are you willing to put into it.

This is a great program to lose the 15 pounds needed to look great at the High School reunion, or to look good on the beach, but it can be more for those who need to continue to take off unwanted pounds by eating right.

21 day fix limited offer

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